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Funny How Things Happen 0

Kira's Best Friend coverIt is very rare for me not to have my post scheduled to go up at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time. Even rarer for me not to have a topic to post about. I started this without a title!!! After skimming back over four years of posts that I’ve made here, considering things I could write about. Haven’t come up with anything. So I’ll take a page out of my fellow bloggers’ books and just see where this takes me!

May is usually my favorite month, even though it’s often one of my most stressful months. I remember having killer deadlines with 10-page editorial letters driving my desperation. This year my stress was because of yet another job change. My freelance work exploded again, and I decided to quit my day job, because I constantly felt I was giving everything short shrift. My last day was last Wednesday, though I went in this Wednesday to cover for someone who took the day off, and I’m going in next Tuesday, too. But that’s it. So I’ll be at home, freelancing full time and fitting the writing in around it. Which is great. Except for worrying about finances and being told that you’re not doing your job well a week after you put everything on the line for that job… The stress might not be going away as quickly as I’d hoped.

But May did have the real advent of spring, Mother’s Day, my kid coming home for the summer, Full Fusion finaling in TWO contests, and my annual retreat. Retreat was low-key this year since we only had 10 people. Several went to RT, there were a couple of $ casualties from our usual group, and the retreat chair’s mother died unexpectedly the night before retreat. But we all made great progress and had fun, and it was nice to all fit at one table at meals. I finished editing a book that I’m reissuing soon, prepped three books for publication, and wrote 10,000 words on Shadow Mission, the sequel to my YA adventure, Full Fusion. Now I just need to try to exert that momentum, because it disappeared as soon as I returned to the real world. :)

Speaking of reissues… It’s funny how things come together. Many authors have charitable initiatives…they participate in anthologies that have the proceeds go to charity, or they donate royalties or books to great causes, or contribute their well-known names and time to build awareness. I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time. I’ve also been planning to reissue my contemporary romance trilogy since I got the rights back. Both had been waiting their turn on the back burner.

Then, in March, my stepmother died. She went two months from diagnosis of pancreatic cancer to passing. Which was eerily like my mother, who went two months from being told she had metastatic breast cancer in her liver, bones, and probably brain to dying on my brother’s birthday. Both of them benefited from hospice care in their last days. Those caregivers were a comfort and a huge logistical support. And so I decided to donate all my future author income from the sale of Kira’s Best Friend to Baystate VNA and Hospice via the Baystate Health Foundation and to the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund, in the names of TJ Miller and Patty Jacobus. The cool thing is that Kira’s Best Friend starts with a cancer scare, which makes it an ideal vehicle for the fundraising, and I made the decision before Patty died so she knew I was going to do it.

Kira’s Best Friend will be on sale Monday and is available for preorder now. The rest of the Brook Hollow trilogy will be released in coming weeks.

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Reliving the Sunday drive 3

Sunday was Mothers’ Day and it got me thinking about when I was a child and my father would take us out on a Sunday drive. He’d pick a spot on the map and we’d head off. Buchan West was memorable…there was a goat. That was it. No town sign. No sign at all. We were under-whelmed 😉 Still, it was good fodder for books.

The cowboy scratched his head again. “I guess if you include the ranches, it does. It’s surely bigger than Bow. Mind, just about everywhere’s bigger’n Bow.”

Disbelief flooded Josh as he remembered passing a rusty town sign. “That place with the tavern and nothing else?”

“Yup, that’d be Bow.”

I guess I really should have included the goat!

Another feature of these drives was the fact dad invariably got lost but strangely when he did we always ended up in one of two places…the dump/tip or the cemetry!

This was where I landed up on a bit of a ‘drive’ for Mothers’ Day and to give Boy Wonder some hours on his L’s. I just HAD to take a photo and I’ve called it, Mothers’ Day Refinery.” 😉


It was a heck of a tourist drive! To be fair, around the bend and another mile on, the sea was on the other side but the position of the sign tickled my funny bone.

Did your family go on Sunday drives? Do you still?


I have two books out in July by two different publishers!

It’s 55 days until Truly Madly Montana, book 2 in my Medicine RIver series is released :-) It’s on pre-order everywhere and Amazon Kindle have the eBook on sale and The Book Depository has the paperback on sale. It’s my experience prices rise on release day so get in early to save.

On July 1st, Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart, which is part of the Midwives-on-call series hits the virtual shelf in the USA and the physcial shelf in the UK and Australia.

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Going Home 2

I want to go home. I have been living out at the ranch for over a month now and the novelty has worn off. Yes, I love the solitude and the fact that no one bothers me in the evenings. I can sit down and play games on my phone or watch TV or just go to bed and there isn’t anyone needing me to do laundry for them or make dinner or feed the dogs. It’s just me and what I need to accomplish for myself to be able to go to work the next day or whatever. That I like.

But I miss spending time with my husband that doesn’t include a cell phone. I miss talking to my daughters face-to-face and knowing what is going on in their lives and what their schedules are and how I fit into them this week. I miss my big dog and my birds chirping in the other room while I write or play on my computer. I miss having my computer at my fingertips. I miss cooking for my family. I miss home.

I was hoping to move back this past week. We have decided that the law in our county has not placed a very high priority on catching the nephew and are probably hoping he will just move on out-of-town and they won’t have to bother with him any more. If this is true I can’t just keep staying at the ranch indefinitely on the off-chance that he is going to show up. I need to get back to my life at home. My friend hasn’t said it but I know she doesn’t want me to go. She is lonely living in that big house by herself and even if we don’t hang out a lot at least she knows I am there. It is a comfort to her and I am afraid she will get even more depressed when I leave. But I want to go home.

Tonight I will probably take my oldest grand-daughter out to the ranch with me. The younger one is going to spend the weekend at her mom’s house but both of my daughters have plans for this evening and my son has to go to work and his daughter is here for the weekend. She loves to spend time at the ranch and since I took the younger one last weekend it only seems fair that I take her this weekend. I thought about just staying here but all my stuff is at the ranch plus two of my dogs and they will have to spend the night in kennels if I’m not there.

This time away from home has been good practice for a possible change in our life style. My husband has been working with his dad on some real estate deals. One of them involves some property with a house and several rentals on it. If it goes through my husband will be moving up to the property, which is about 5 hours away, and will be going into business with his dad full-time. I will stay here and hopefully I will finally get an opportunity to go into management since my husband and I will no longer be working in the same division. I will just go up and visit on weekends or he will come down to see us. I’m not sure what we will do with the house. He is looking at properties in our area also that he can maybe move the kids to and then we can just rent this house out and I will go live at the ranch full-time and help her with the bills there. It would be a good solution for everyone but not sure if it will happen or not. It will be a huge change for everyone involved, especially my oldest daughter, who is glued to me. I am hoping it will be the catalyst to get her out on her own and shove her into adulthood once and for all!

Until then I will continue to stay at the ranch, visit the kids, and dream of finally going home. It can’t come too soon for me!


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