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Laura Drake finds her Sweet Spot in San Antonio 7

There’s a star among us at Everybody Loves a Little Romance, and if you haven’t heard it’s Double RITA® finalist and WINNER , Author LAURA DRAKE for her book THE SWEET SPOT.

I couldn’t be in San Antonio having a fan girl moment watching this wonderful author (who incidentally was hugged by Nora Roberts) but wanted her to know I was cheering her on from Colorado Springs.

I hope you never come down from this high, Ms. Drake. Keep writing those phenomenal books and keep finding those SWEET SPOTS!

The Sweet Spot 2014 Double RITA FINALIST on sale now for $1.99.

The Sweet Spot 2014 Double RITA FINALIST on sale now for $1.99.

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Storm Bound by Alice Gaines 0

Storm BoundStorm Bound by Alice Gaines
*A review copy of this book was received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*

Stranded on a steamy tropical island, . . . these three will create their own heat . . .

Christie Lovejoy is normally all business. But when a hurricane bears down on the exclusive resort she’s sharing with two sexy businessmen, it’s time to throw caution to the tropical winds. How often do you find two gorgeous men with the hots for you . . . and the willingness to share?

Wolf Martin and Jon Carlson have been friends for years, and their taste in women has never overlapped . . . until now. Wolf, Jon, and Christie use the luxurious resort to take the kind of sensual journey that only total isolation will allow. But when the storm recedes, will they be ready to leave their island paradise?

Christie is so proud of the fact that the luxury resort is built to withstand a hurricane while continuing to provide its guests the luxury they deserve.  She will do whatever it takes to prove it to Wolf and Jon, including stranding the three of them on the island during a hurricane.  The storm raging outside wasn’t the only storm the three of them would experience while stranded on the island.  Will her snap decision allow her to experience her greatest fantasies or backfire on her and cost her everything?

Jon and Wolf have been best friends and business partners for a long time.  They are visiting the resort looking for investment property, they never expected to both be attracted to the same woman.  They are competitive in everything they do so when opportunity arises, they make a bet to see who will come out on top.

The three of them have instant chemistry so the scenes between them are extremely sexy.  I love the interaction between the three of them, what girl wouldn’t love the attention of two sexy men fighting for your attention.  I have read a lot of ménage books but this one is different; they are all involved in the seduction but their encounters are one on one with some voyeurism & self-gratification mixed in.

There are some sexy scenes in lots of different locations all over the luxury resort.  The kitchen scene was scorching hot and I’ll never look at making pasta the same again.  Another favorite scene was the one on the beach at the end, it was sexy but there was so much more to it than just the sex.  It is obvious that there is something between the three of them that they don’t want to end when they all leave the island.  They know it’s not a conventional relationship and decide to try and find some creative ways to be together.

Overall I enjoyed this scorching hot novella, it definitely competed with the heat outside LOL.  I will definitely be looking for other books by this author and hope there is another one with these characters.  I give Storm Bound 4 Flaming Hearts. 4 Hearts


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Natural Disasters… 6

My life is anything but boring. This morning I had plans of making myself a nice latte and sitting down to write my blog while the birds chirped companionably in the hallway, the cats purred on the couch, and with a dog or two at my feet snoozing the morning away.

Instead Oldest Daughter got a call last night asking her to babysit my girlfriend’s grand son and then my adopted daughter called crying BEGGING us to take DriDri before she lost her mind! Apparently being trapped inside a small one bedroom apartment with an almost 2-year-old is enough to drive even the most sane person crazy, so Oldest Daughter ran by and picked her up on her way home from working at church. Only problem is that Oldest Daughter had to babysit most of the day on Saturday and Younger Daughter has to work most of the day Saturday, so that means Nanny gets to be on DriDri Duty….

So far she has managed to get into two different bottles of cleaning products and sprayed my floors, chased the cats, teased the dogs, and gotten into more trouble than I remember my girls EVER managing to find at her age in just under an hour and a half….  And since it’s going to be another scorching hot day here I am loath to take her to the park to play, but at this point I am thinking it may be my only salvation!!

Natural disasters come in many forms. My grand-daughter is one of them. And then there are those that we have no control over, such as what happened to me earlier this week–on Monday to be exact. A tree fell on my truck. Well, technically only half a tree, but it was a really big half! I had my truck parked out on the city street in front of my job when my dispatcher called me on the radio.

“Sheri, do you own a white SUV parked out on 9th?” My heart stopped for a moment. “Yeeessss….” And then she didn’t say anything more. Of course many things ran through my mind, the foremost of which was I was sure it had been side-swiped–a not uncommon occurrence because 9th Street is also part of Highway 132/108 and a truck corridor. It was only as I was driving my bus up to the transit center that I saw the police car parked in the road with its lights lashing and what appeared to be a large tree in said road–right where my truck should have been parked!!!

I was very fortunate that no serious damage occurred. The city tree crew happened to be just up the street trimming trees along the race-course for the Modesto Grand Prix that will be going on all next weekend so they were there in a jiffy. I took pictures and videos of them carefully cutting that huge tree up and when they were done I was relieved to see that the light pole and sign that I had parked near had taken the brunt of the weight of the fallen limbs and my truck was mostly just scratched up. I took it to a detail shop, who told me it would cost about $450.00 to get the paint good as new.

Of course, this will most likely end up coming out of my pocket. The city has a policy that they are not responsible for “acts of nature” so when trees fall and crush poor unsuspecting residents of this town’s cars or other personal items they just shrug and say “Oh well–not our fault.”.  But since the tree guy not only cut up the limbs that fell on my truck but also took another huge limb out of the tree I may be able to claim that the tree was diseased or dangerous and they were in the process of trimming all the trees because they knew this ahead of time…

So have you ever had an “act of nature” cause you problems? Floods? Fire? Locusts? Swarms of frogs?!  How did your insurance company respond? I won’t bother turning this in to mine–my deductible is $500 so it will still have to come out of my pocket.  Did they deny you? Did you win the fight or give up?

And what about your kids/grand kids. Do you have one that drives you crazy with all their naughtiness yet makes you laugh at the same time? I’m pretty sure I am done writing for the morning because apparently Princess DriDri is  finished with her oatmeal and is now trying to  1) feed the dogs the rest of it by dropping it in spoonfuls off her tray and 2) trying to rock her high chair to move it closer to a kitchen counter so she can get into something….

Needless to say I’m heading out to the ranch as soon as one of the girls gets home! Nanny needs a break!!  And a drink!  :)

This is what a Yukon looks like when a tree falls on it:

2014-07-21 11.28.002014-07-15 19.58.57

And this is my other natural disaster…  Her hair doesn’t look like this today but you can see what I am dealing with! :)  Just look at that face–how can I NOT love her?!! Have a great Saturday!

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My Upcoming Work Indulgence

My Upcoming Work Indulgence 10

Natalie's Beach, Misquamicut, RI

Where I want to be RIGHT NOW.

I didn’t think I had any topics for today. Then I had two. One was all about a huge aggravation. It included venting, complaining, and whining, but it also had an amusing relatable moment and a mostly happy ending (it works, but it was supposed to be blue, not ugly orange and gray :( ).

But the other topic is something I’m excited about, and that’s a MUCH better topic, right? :)

I couldn’t go to RWA this year (Romance Writers of America‘s national conference, for those of you who might be casual/drive-by blog readers). It’s been several years, and it’s always depressing. But in October I’m FINALLY attending the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference!

I live three hours away, I’ve been a member of RWA for almost 20 years, and about a third of my chapter goes to NJRW every year. But I never have. Weird, right? I often had strong intent. And then I’d get the flier, and none of the speakers excited me. Or even if I saw some workshops I wanted to attend and people I wanted to meet, I had to use the money for something else. So it just never happened.

This year, I entered Hearts Under Siege and Heavy Metal in the Golden Leaf, their published book contest. Finalists aren’t announced until September, but the early registration rate ends August 1, so I decided to be optimistic. Even if I don’t final, I’ll have some solid expenses for my taxes, I’ll learn something, I’ll meet booksellers and sell books at the Literacy Signing, and hopefully I’ll get to meet some authors and readers I know online but haven’t met. It’s no lose!

But wait, there’s more!

See the picture to the left? That’s my beach. The state beach in Misquamicut, Rhode Island, which hasn’t changed a grain since I was a kid. I swung by last September on a rainy Sunday morning, but could only snap a few pictures before I had to get on the road. I miss the beach and the ocean desperately. I’ve been wanting to make a trip for years. I did get a little beach time a couple of years ago when we went on a family vacation to Orlando, but my kids don’t really like the beach so it just wasn’t the same. So on the day after the conference, I’m driving a little further, to the coast, and spending Sunday and Monday in a hotel on the beach.

I looked at hotels near the beach, but I’ve been working hard this month and have earned enough to cover a nice hotel on the beach. It’s October, so the rates are much better! And I splurged just a little for a full ocean view. It has a balcony, a great desk, and a giant, cushy bed. I’ve asked for early check-in. I hope I can get it, because I really want to maximize every minute. Beach walking, sitting in a beach chair reading and writing, and then sitting on the balcony or in the bedroom, with the soothing ocean rush as my inspiration.

Is it October yet?

Part of what’s driving me is probably my mom. Many of my happiest childhood memories are of the beach. She had stationery that said “Terie, happiest by the sea.” It recharged her, and when life got problematic, she escaped a couple of times to Rhode Island to take a few days by herself. I have no problems that I need escape from, but I do need the ocean, and I do need time alone.

What’s your go-to spot or activity when you’re feeling desperate for no good reason?

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Pretty is As Handsome Does 9

P8I like to wear dresses. (Insert pause for regular readers to faint from shock). I know, it doesn’t really fit with my ranch girl, tomboy persona, but now that nylon stockings have gone the way of the dinosaur, dresses are easy and comfortable. Plus there is my utter hatred of dress pants.

Where do women with actual thighs and butts buy dress pants? Not in any of the stores where I shop. The legs are so tight they could double as a tourniquet, the waist gaps out four inches at the back, and as the day wears on the crotch becomes progressively baggy, with the net result being that I look like twenty pounds of mud stuffed into a ten pound bag. Sort of lumpy and oddly shaped.

So when the weather allows, I wear skirts and dresses instead. My son, observant soul that he is, never seemed to notice when I was going to work regularly. Now that I’ve dropped back to very part time, he suddenly pays attention when he sees me get dressed up.

“Mommy, why do you look like that?”

“Like what?”

“You’re all pretty.”

“I like to be pretty.”


Discussion ended, until the next day. Understand, this is a child who has little or no opinion on his clothes other than whatever he is wearing, he doesn’t want to take it off, and whatever you’re pushing, he doesn’t want to put it on. It’s a struggle to get him out of his pajamas in the morning (“But I love my jammies!”), another pitched battle to get him back into them at night (“But I don’t want to go to bed!”). His only true aversion: he doesn’t like button down shirts. Give him t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, he’s cool, but a long-sleeved dress shirt? He’ll be peeling that sucker off the second he gets a chance, so we reserve that battle for when he has to look more presentable than usual. School programs, weddings, funerals. And once we wrestle him into it, we lavish him with praise.

“You look so handsome in that shirt!”

“Yeah. I know.” Add eye roll for good measure.

Flash back to Tuesday. Now that I’m doing the ranch thing pretty much full time, I dragged some old long-sleeved rodeo shirts out of mothballs to wear for work, mostly to keep the mosquitoes at bay. When I walked into the kitchen, the boy took a good look at me and said, “Mommy, why do you look handsome? I thought you liked to look pretty.”

“Uh,” I said, my mind taking a couple of beats to realize he was equating my shirt with the compliments we give him. “Um, sometimes I like to look handsome, instead.”

“So girls can look pretty or look handsome?”

“Uh…” Sheesh. How many gender hangups am I creating in this one conversation? “Yes. Girls can be handsome, too.”

And then, thank the Lord, the youtube video he was downloading finished buffering and started to play, snatching his attention before he could ask, “Can boys look pretty?”

The answer, of course, is yes, but I’m not sure how far I want his literal little mind to go with that explanation at this point in his life. After all, he’s only about two sizes smaller than me and I am very protective of my closet. And don’t even be touching my shoes.

Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real

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Love Is… Collections, Books, Giveaways and all for Charity! 0

**NetGalley Users! Grab LOVE IS… now!**

On August fifth, the LOVE IS… anthology will release at e-tailers near you! A collection of 300,000 words, and more than 40 authors, covering all heat ranges and genres, there’s something in here to appeal to everyone. And all of the proceeds are going to charity — specifically, to:

Reach out and Read which prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together.


The Anthology won’t be out for a couple more weeks, BUT cover there’s a cover blog hop happening and that’s your chance to win an early copy!


a collection of more than 40 authors and 300,000 words.

(click image for large size)

and my own contribution to Love Is …

Her Unforgettable Romance

Love is…Never-ending.
Tyler and Samantha’s history goes back to grade school with shared dreams of the future. That all changed when Tyler’s cold feet had him running out of town. Samantha finally recovers from his leaving and moves on with her life. When he comes back to town, she intends to ignore him, but she can’t forget the way he makes her feel.
Older and wiser with his biggest regret being the day he left Samantha, Tyler will do whatever he can to win her back.

Please also feel free to visit our Facebook page to get even more information about this great collection!

Fun Note–anyone who posts on ALL of the cover reveals will be entered into a draw for the anthology, to be awarded by Dayna Hart! So click over to Dayna’s page and get started!

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The Mysterious Guidestones 6

By Debbie Herbert

On the hunt for woo-woo:


Georgia Guidestones

DH and I went on a little trip to Elberton, Georgia to visit what’s billed as an American Stonehenge which features granite megaliths. The huge slabs are etched with a set of ten principles and the original owner, or owners, are unknown.  No one knows why this was erected and why it’s located in a rural north Georgia field.
When people told us it was out in a field in the middle of nowhere, they weren’t exaggerating.  Our GPS wasn’t picking up satellite feed and I thought we’d never find it.  There are no road signs marking the monument location and entry to it is on a dirt road. We arrived mid-morning and the only other person there was an elderly man in a pickup truck.  My husband spoke to him and asked if he knew anything about the stones.  He didn’t.  My husband – who heard it theorized the owner was a Rosicrucianist – then asked him if he was Rosicrucian.  The man crinkled his face and asked if ‘Rosicrucian’ was a type of truck, because the only trucks he ever bought were Fords.

No enlightenment there.  While we explored the guidestone, I was always aware of the old man as he sat in his truck and watched us the whole time.  Perhaps a secret protector of the stones?  Yes, my fanciful writer’s mind asks lots of ‘what if’ questions to churn up possible story ideas.

We read information carved on a separate stone structure off to the side of the monument.  The guidestone was built in 1980 and its owner is unknown.  The structure consists of six granite slabs, and is just over nineteen-feet tall.  As you can see from the picture, there is a center slab surrounded by four others and topped by a capstone.  The structure is built to be astronomically correct.  On each of the four outer slabs is a set of ten guidelines, etched in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The top capstone has inscriptions in Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The principles it espouses are mostly universal – with the huge exception of number one.  My husband has heard rumors that the original owner or owners believed a catastrophic event would befall earth and reduce the world’s population to under half a million.

1.      Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2.      Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3.      Unite humanity with a living new language.
4.      Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5.      Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6.      Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7.      Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8.      Balance personal rights with social duties.
9.      Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.    Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

My favorite principle is number nine, while my husband’s is number seven.

Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

After about twenty minutes of arriving, a group of motorcyclists dropped by and we chit-chatted a bit before taking our leave.  I have no idea how many visitors the guidestone gets; perhaps nobody does – with the possible exception of the old truck driver.

Sadly, I have to report that neither of us felt a single woo-woo vibe.  Not even a tiny tingle as we ran fingers over the inscribed words.  Still, it was a fun trip and if you are ever in the area check it out.

Have you ever visited a place where you felt a special connection to history or the earth?

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Meanwhile, this week in San Antonio… 8

This week romance writers from around the country— actually, from around the world!— will be converging on San Antonio, Texas, for the annual Romance Writers of America Conference.
I, however, will be sitting in my humble abode in Louisiana, whimpering with jealousy when I hear about the great workshops, fabulous parties (Harlequin’s party for its authors is always a blast!), and inspiring speeches. I chose not to go to the national conference this year for a variety of reasons.
1) To save money. While as a business trip, it would be tax deductible for me, I’d still be laying out a chunk of change to go. I was trying to be frugal.
2) A lot of what I hear at conference tends to be the same old, same old. Refreshers on the business of writing, craft tips and marketing are great, but I don’t really need to be reminded every year, right?
3) I’m writing. Preparing for conference, time away for the event, and the rest and unpacking afterward takes a significant chunk out of a gal’s writing time, not to mention the interruption to the thought process.
4) I’m an idiot.

What was I thinking skipping conference this year? I love the parties, love seeing my writing buddies, love getting fresh ideas and hearing the latest business buzz.

Louisiana gals at the Harlequin party

Louisiana gals at the Harlequin party

The market is constantly changing, faster every day it seems. Amazon continues to jockey for market share with new programs and print publishers shift to accommodate the trends. Harlequin, my publisher, was bought by HarperCollins earlier this year. Samhain Publishing (another of my publishers) has made significant staff changes and refocused its program. Change is in the air and I’m not in Texas to hear about the new directions first-hand.

Having fun at last year's Harlequin party with Loreth Anne White

Having fun at last year’s Harlequin party with Loreth Anne White

My sister got to come by last year's RWA booksigning and met the one and only Kristin Higgins

My sister got to come by last year’s RWA booksigning and met the one and only Kristin Higgins

RWA conference is just about my only chance every year to see many of my dear writer friends, people who GET IT—what it is like to conceive, labor through and deliver books, people who share my neuroses, understand my worry over sell-through, ask the same questions about marketing, have the same hangups about big crowds and lots of noise.
RWA conference is just about my only chance to see fun places my couch-sitting, why-do-we-need-to-travel? husband won’t take me. I’m missing the Riverwalk and the Alamo!
I’m missing late-night plotting sessions and pajama parties, gallons of coffee to wake up the morning after the Harlequin party, free books, rubber chicken at lunch and decadent desserts at the Kiss of Death party, sharing an elevator with Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Lisa Gardner…or BOTH, precious face-time with my editor, the glamour and emotion of the Golden Heart and Rita awards ceremony.

Holy miscalculations Batman! I’m missing RWA conference! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?
So if you are at RWA this week, have a glass of bubbly and chocolate cake for me, dance a dance at the Harlequin soiree, and report back with all the juicy gossip and industry news. Please?

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Review: If I Stay by Tamara Morgan 1

If I Stay by Tamara Morgan
Series:  Montgomery Manor #1
Published: May 12, 2014

Ryan Lucas would rather be anywhere but Ransom Creek, Connecticut. After losing his high-adrenaline career as a Hollywood stunt driver, he’s had to tuck his tail between his legs and take up employment as a chauffeur for the Montgomerys, a wealthy hotelier family.

Amy Sanders has returned home to Ransom Creek to take over her mother’s former position as nanny to the Montgomerys—bringing her close to dashing Jake Montgomery once again. She grew up with a major crush on Jake, and it’s not easy to leave those feelings behind, even though her friendship with the hard-edged family chauffeur, Ryan, has a sizzling undercurrent of undeniable attraction.

Amy’s determined to prove to Ryan that life at Montgomery Manor isn’t all bad, but each time they draw closer Jake swoops in. Amy is torn between two men—and two worlds. And Ryan is rapidly coming to learn that if he wants to make Amy his, he’ll have to prove to her that life downstairs can be everything they both want.

**Hotness Rating 3 out of 5**

If I Stay the first book of the Montgomery Manor series by Tamara Morgan is a must-read. The witty conversation and writing alone makes this book fabulous. Throw in the truly likable characters and the story itself and you have a hit.

Ryan Lucas feels like he’s lost his chance for the only career he’s ever wanted or loved. Hoping things will die down and he’ll get a second chance he decides to lay low for awhile. What better way to stay off the radar than to move to Connecticut and take a job as mechanic/chauffeur for the mega-rich Montgomery family. He hates every second of it, but he’ll do whatever it takes to get another chance to stunt drive, again. All he has to do is keep a professional distance and serve his time. It would do no good to make any attachments when he plans on leaving. The beautiful nanny is making it so hard to keep his plans, though. 

Amy Sanders has given up her dream life of being a ballerina, okay so maybe it wasn’t her dream, but it was someone’s. She is really happy taking care of the next generation of the Montgomery children just as her mother did before her. It doesn’t hurt that the mechanic is easy on the eyes and presents quite the challenge. 

Amy was such a cutie. I found myself wishing she were my friend. I loved the way her mind worked and the funny things that came out of her mouth. How could Ryan resist? The poor guy didn’t stand a chance. The supporting characters just added to this rag-tag group and I can’t wait to read more about all of them.

I give If I Stay 4.5 Flaming Hearts

4.5 Hearts

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This Could Be Bad 7

I am writing this on my phone since apparently my computer has died.  I’m not panicked just yet.  I’m hoping the hard drive is salvageable but until my son gets up I won’t know.  Of course this happens right after I’ve downloaded photos and have to pay bills!

Whatever the outcome I know I will be without a computer for awhile.  I don’t have disposable income where I can afford to replace it easily.  Plus the pool pump seems to be non-functioning or there is a clog in the line but either way it has priority.  The mosquito abatement folks will be pounding on my door soon if I don’t get it fixed!

Of course one of my biggest concerns is my stories.  I’m pretty sure I have them all in my laptop also and possibly on a flash drive but I’m not sure the last chapter or so made the transition from the PC or not.  And now I have no way of knowing since the laptop is at the ranch. ..

As writers I know that the death of a computer is like a death knell and practically worse than a physical death.  Losing all of one’s hard work is enough to send one over the edge! Like I said,  I’m not panicking just yet- I’m going for a Zen state here-but I’m sure if my son says it’s fried I’m going to be pretty devastated.  So I’m trying to stay positive.

How have you dealt with sudden catastrophe?  Maybe bit just with a computer.  Maybe your car suddenly took a dunno when you had an important meeting.  Maybe you forgot a deadline.  What gets you through the craziness?

Myself,  I’m having a cup of coffee watching Bailey the Chihuahua pup playing in the living room.  She’s finally big enough for me to turn loose in the house to play but only while supervised.  Still afraid I’ll lose her under a couch!

Hopefully by the next time I post I will be up and running on my computer. I apologize ahead of time if there are errors in this post – auto correct is my sworn enemy! Have a great weekend!

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