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Making a Change 3

And I almost forgot one change, that I switched dates with other a couple other bloggers. So there’s a change I almost messed up.


The change I’m talking about is to do with my health.

I saw my Dr. last week because for two weeks in a row I would have horrible heartburn, which sent me to the ER the pain was so bad. It took days to recover.

I thought it was my gall bladder acting up.

My Dr. commented the heartburn was most likely a hiatal hernia, but what was more concerning was my heart. I’m 36 and I’m in a danger zone. I need to lose some weight and do it now before my metabolism slows. I’m tall, I carry my weight differently. A lot of people were shocked when I told them my heart is in danger, heck I think some don’t believe it.

I walk every where. I run after three small kids, but something had to change. I’ve been stuck at a plateau for 2 years and it’s starting to creep again.

After booking some not so pleasant invasive tests which are coming up more quickly than I would like, I talked to my Dr. about Weight Watchers and he suggested I join. Reverse the process now. A heart attack at 40 is not something I’m interested in and it’s where I was headed.

I have a very sedentary job and when I’m on deadline (like now) I forget to eat or eat crap. I also stress and emotionally eat. Not helpful and believe me that was tested this week.

Anyways, I went straight from his office to the Weight Watchers storefront in my area. I called my hubby and told him what I was going to do and he was very supportive, though things are tight right now, this is an expense I wish we didn’t have, but it was one that was necessary.

I signed up and attended my first meeting. I’m an introvert. I was nervous. The meeting was fine. I found it, actually, very empowering. I’ve only been on the program for one week (my weigh in is on Friday), but I haven’t had a heart burn attack since I changed my eating habits. Twice I’ve been tempted to stress eat a hamburger …today in fact, but I cooked up a veggie burger with fat free mayo and cheese, heavy on veggies instead. It’s not the same, obviously. I’m not going to lie about that, but it does the job.

I am a bit sullen about giving up my double doubles, but change is what I needed. Heading towards heart problems at 36 is unacceptable.

It was time to make a change.



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The Joys Of Checking Fence 6

Our weather in east Tennessee has been quite unusual this year in that we’ve had a lot more storms than we normally do. We’re surrounded by woods and lush pastures. It’s wonderful living in a place with so much green vegetation and trees.  When you have livestock however, these frequent storms can be a thorn in your side.

It’s not uncommon to lose a few trees if the wind gets strong enough. While that may not seem like a big deal, it is a big deal in certain situations.

For instance, we have red maple trees in the woods in our horse pasture. The wilted leaves from a red maple are extremely poisonous. Just a few leaves can kill a horse. If one of these trees comes down during a storm, you’ve got to get it up immediately or risk killing your horse.

Another problem is that practically all of our fence line is in a tree line or woods. Around here trees were often used to build fence or provide a wind break. If a tree falls, it’s always going to be on the fence. That means there’s an open space in the fence line for the horses to get out or our joining neighbor’s cattle to get in. Either scenario is not good!

A couple weeks aagp we had a really strong storm and lost two trees in our yard. Fortunately only one was within reach of one of our turnout paddocks that I could keep closed until we get could it removed. It was a crab apple tree which can easily cause arsenic poisoning in horses if ingested.

Having lost two trees in the yard, I knew I needed to check the rest of the farm.  This meant that I had to saddle up one of the horses and check the fence line in person. Keep in mind our back fence line is heavily wooded so I have to check it from the neighbor’s side where he keeps sale cattle. My horses are still getting used to cattle in wide open spaces and sale cattle are extremely wild but that’s another story.

First half of checking fence was great. I even got my horse over the creek with relative ease. The second half checking fence this time was NOT the same relaxing ride as last time. I’ve gained an even greater appreciation for why good ranch horses cost and learned a few things…..

Cows walking are normal animals. Horses don’t mind cattle that are walking.

Cows laying down are fire breathing monsters that can eat a horse in one breath. Apparently they can eat you even faster if you’re being pursued by a determined horse fly.

A get down rope is not necessarily for getting down. Sometimes it’s a link from the brain to the feet.

Riding the brain out in a pen or a pasture is easy. Riding it on the side of a hill with holes everywhere is a completely different story….which leads to the next point.

Always wear comfortable boots. You never know when you’ll have to walk if you didn’t invest in that expensive ranch horse and you went the do it yourself route.

If you’re walking in those comfortable boots use the creek to catch your breath by working your horse over it at least 20 times.

The good news is that we didn’t have any trees down on the fence. The other good news is that we both lived to try again next time!


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Review: Countermeasure by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey 0

Countermeasure (Countermeasure #1) by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey
Published:  January 12, 2012

In the first novel of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES, tenacious ex-CIA agent Cassandra James is in hot water. A cyber thief stole sensitive information from her father’s top client – information she was supposed to keep secure – and now she could lose her job, even if she is the boss’ daughter. The only person who can help her recover the stolen data is sexy NSA analyst Trevor Bauer – a computer mastermind who’s broken through her personal security and might break her heart as well.

Trevor is on the hunt for answers to the mystery surrounding his parents’ disappearance. Following a promising lead into the missing Bristol files, he accidentally gets on the radar of a woman too hot to handle…and a mercenary willing to do anything to keep both of them from recovering those files.

To track down the thief, Trevor and Cassandra must embark on a harrowing adventure that leads them across the ocean and into a world of intrigue, danger, and passion. But as they close in on their target, their relationship begins to boil, jeopardizing their mission as well as their very lives. Will they learn to trust their instincts – and each other – in order to survive?

**Hotness Rating 3 out of 5**

Countermeasure is the first book of the Countermeasure series and my first read by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey. It will not be my last! This book has it all – intrigue, smart characters, a sizzling attraction, sexual tension and amazing supporting characters. This book is definitely not light and fluffy. The characters are so well-developed that you “feel” right along with them. The story has depth and emotion that sucks you right in and leaves you begging for more. 

This book was narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds and he was so good! Tim’s smooth narration made it a joy to just listen to him. Trevor is originally from Ireland and Tim did a very good job with the Irish brogue. I will definitely listen to more books that have been narrated by this gentleman.

Trevor lost his parents under what he considers questionable circumstances. They went off on a sailing trip and never came back. Their boat was found with no sign of his parents. After a brief investigation the case was closed citing a joint suicide or accidental drownings. Trevor knows better, but without further clues finding out what really happened is on hold. As an NSA analyst Trevor is privy to private conversations. It’s his job to eavesdrop. When a conversation passes his way that mentions the name of his parent’s boat Trevor can’t help, but delve further to see if it leads to information on his parents. In doing so, he has bought himself the attention of ex-CIA agent Cassandra James. Attention that will forever change his life.

Cassandra James left the CIA after getting shot in the line of duty. She lost all faith and trust in her fellow agents. Trust isn’t exactly something that comes easy to her as it is. She’s now working for her dad in his securities business. She’s long since given up on making him love her and would settle for making him proud at least once. But, then the unthinkable happens. He finally gives her the lead for a top-client in making sure the drug that they are developing is secure only to have all of the data stolen right from under their noses. Kicked off the case and having shamed her father Cassandra goes at finding the data and getting it back herself. Her private investigation leads her to Trevor, but not in the way she thought. She first suspected him of guilt, but now has enlisted him as her partner. 

When Trevor and Cassandra stop dancing around one another the sparks fly. I love how Trevor owns his feelings and puts them out there. Cassandra has huge trust issues and this spills over to her love life as well. She knows one thing for sure that she will never trust her heart to anyone. It destroyed her father when her mom died and left him unable to even show Cassandra love. She will never give anyone that much power over her. Or at least that’s what she thinks. Trevor has different ideas and he’s a force to reckoned with.

I like romantic suspense, but it’s a love/hate relationship. I go crazy the entire book trying to figure out who did it and don’t enjoy the book as I should. That was not the case with this story. Cassandra and Trevor just sucked me in and I was along for the ride. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole story.

I give Countermeasure 4 Flaming Hearts.
4 Hearts

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An Ounce of Prevention… 8

This has been a very rough week for me emotionally. My beloved special-needs pup, Tango, drowned in the pool Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and I have been just devastated over it ever since.

When my Hubby brought her home to me she didn’t even weigh a pound and was so tiny I couldn’t believe she was even a dog! She literally went everywhere with me because she was so fragile and needed constant care. As she got older, however, I let my guard down. I forgot she was still so young–she was only 18 weeks old when I lost her–because she got tall and seemed older because of it. I forgot she was still just a baby and needed me to teach her things.

One of the things I have done with every pup we have brought home was introduce them to the pool, because it never fails–at some point they are going to either fall in or get pushed in by one of the other dogs.

Tango had already fallen into the pool once before.  My youngest daughter just happened to see her when it occurred and fished her out right away.  I figured Tango would stay away from the pool after that. Usually it only takes one dunking for the dogs to figure out that stuff in the middle of the yard in the big cement hole is powerful wet and they don’t want to be in it!  But because the pool is green and nasty (the pump broke and we have not been financially able to fix it) I never took her back out and taught her how to find the edge of the pool and where the steps are in case she fell in again. And because of that and my inattention to one small detail I lost my silly little pup.

I think that has been the hardest part for me to deal with. The fact that if I had just got up that night to see why she hadn’t come back in with Cash, her buddy who stuck by her like glue, I would have seen her in the pool and been able to rescue her. My excuse? I was tired and had taken a pain pill and an anti-anxiety pill so I could sleep–I had surgery on my hand on Monday and was feeling a little claustrophobic with the wrap on it–but that ounce of prevention would have saved me several pounds of pain and guilt.

Of course now I am completely paranoid when I let the other small dogs outside to do their business–even though they have all been going out just fine for a long time I now get anxious and go and check on them every few minutes. I mourn the loss of my big-eared, funny, quirky little girl and I know I will never be able to replace her. My husband says he thinks that she just wasn’t meant to be–that if he hadn’t rescued her when he did she would have died then so maybe we  just postponed the inevitable for a little while. I know that we gave her a great life while she was with us and she was very, very loved and spoiled. I was blessed that I was able to bury her under a tree out on the ranch so she will always be close to me…

So what good came out of this experience you ask? Because I don’t believe we ever go through things, whether good or bad, without learning a life-lesson.  A positive thing was that I finally had my son install a lock on the patio door leading to the back yard. My grand-daughter DriDri now sleeps in her own little toddler bed (why yes Nanny bought her a fire truck for her first bed!) and she is able to get up and let herself out of her room now all by herself. I would absolutely die if anything happened to her so the lock is now in place and we all sleep better for it.

I don’t take my little dogs for granted now. I make sure I hug and love on each one of them every day. I make sure I check on them when they are out. I have even checked into how much it would cost to either 1) fill in the pool or 2) tear it out since no one uses it and I’m tired of the expense and the liability of owning it. Neither option is very cheap so not sure what I am going to do at this point. But I have been pro-active!

I posted this on my Facebook page and I truly believe it:

“Sometimes the lack of one small thing changes your life forever. Maybe it’s something you did. Maybe it’s something you failed to do. Maybe it’s a combination of small things. Just remember every thing matters. Everything….”

I didn’t write this particle blog to gain sympathy. I didn’t write it so you all feel sorry for me, though I know you do–anyone who has fur babies in their lives know how painful it is to lose one. I wrote this so that maybe we can all become a little more aware of how that one thing we did or didn’t do can affect our lives. Either for good or bad. I was curious who here has done that–made one small decision, made one choice that didn’t seem that important at the time but it changed everything. Your career, a friendship, driving a different way home from work saved you from being in an accident–anything. Share….Tango1 Tango sleepingThis was Tango. Yep, she was my baby…



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The ‘S’ Word 8


And I’m not talking about ‘September’. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Consider this everything I have to say about today.



If you need me, I’ll be hunkered in my bed cave until Mother Nature regains her senses.

Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real 




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Cover Reveal For Montana Actually! Book 1 in the new Medicine River Series 11

WOOT! I’m super-excited to announce the cover for my next book!!  Montana Actually, book one in my new Medicine River series, is set in Montana (you probably worked that out) and it features  sexy docotors, hunky cowboys, glorious mountain scenary and a rather clueless city doctor who thought driving six blocks to his favourite Chicago deli, was a long way. Fortunately, there’s a Montana gal who knows exactly how to educate him :-)

Just below, you’ll find the blurb, a link to an excerpt  and the pre-order sale links. Right now, the book is on sale for pre-orders so if you grab it today, you will get a lovely surprise on January 6th and be soothed that you paid less now than you will then.:-) Plus, depending on where you live, it will be the perfect winter read to cheer you up, or the perfect summer read down on the beach or at the holiday shack.
So without further ado, here is the cover!!!  What do you think?
Montana Actually
Fiona Lowe
Releasing January 6th, 2015
Berkeley / Penguin

A big-city doctor in a small-town Montana practice….A former nurse who has sworn off doctors forever….The scene is set for passions to ignite in Big Sky Country. For readers of Robyn Carr and Sherryl Woods.

City doctor Josh Stanton and his sports car don’t suit the country, but with his medical school debt about to bury him, Josh has to make the best out of a bad situation. Adjusting to his new job and life in the middle of nowhere isn’t easy, but at least the views of the mountains—and one distractingly attractive local—are stunning…

After eight years away, Katrina McCade is back in Bear Paw for a break from her life, bad choices—and men. But when a broad-shouldered stranger bursts into town, she finds herself unexpectedly saddled with the town’s sexy new doctor as a tenant. Katrina doesn’t need a man to make her happy, especially a disgruntled physician. But try telling her body that…

Read an excerpt HERE.



Fiona Lowe is a RITA® and R*BY award-winning, multi-published author with Harlequin , Carina Press and, Berkley USA. Whether her books are set in outback Australia or the USA, they feature small towns with big hearts, and warm, likeable characters that make you fall in love. When she’s not writing stories, she’s a weekend wife, mother of two ‘ginger’ teenage boys, guardian of 80 rose bushes, slave to a cat and often found collapsed on the couch with wine.

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Kindling the Spark 5

When I taught school, I always hoped to kindle a burning desire in my students to learn more about something we touched on in class—Robert Frost, etymology …grizzly bears.  I’d like to think that somewhere out there in the world at this moment, one of my former students is following a passion that I sparked.  It was my uncle who struck that spark for me when I was a child, and he did it with one small action that he probably forgot within an hour or two.  It has stayed with me for a lifetime.


My uncle, who lived next-door, was cleaning one day.  I’m not sure what he was cleaning—maybe a drawer, a closet, the attic?  He found a French phrase book he’d been issued when he was stationed in France in World War II.  He could have thrown it out, but prophetically, he gave it to me instead.


That tiny book, maybe three-inches square, with its faded blue cover and thirty, yellowed pages, held magic.  The words and phrases written there were beautiful and fluid, and when I used the pronunciation guide to speak them aloud, they transported me across the ocean to another world—a long way for an eight-year-old from Paducah, Kentucky to travel.  I fell in love with the language in that book, and a lifelong passion to learn about France was born.


I memorized that book and couldn’t wait to take French in high school, where I learned not only more of the language, but also of the history and culture as well.  I dreamed of going to France some day.


Life happened and that dream didn’t come true until I was in my thirties.  Ironically, my first trip to France was as a chaperone for a group of high school students.  But I was finally there, and the country was everything I’d ever imagined it to be.  A couple of years later, I talked my husband into going back with me, just the two of us.  One glimpse of the quaint harbor in Villefranche-sur-Mer, and he was hooked.  That was in 1996.   We’ve gone back four times in the past fifteen years.


A few years ago, we rented an apartment in Paris for two weeks.  That apartment sowed the seed of a plot in my brain that became my latest Harlequin Superromance release MOONLIGHT IN PARIS.  From little blue book to fascination with a language and culture and all the way to a full-length novel—the spark of interest bellowed into a bonfire.


My uncle died many years ago without ever knowing what an amazing impact that tiny book has had on my life.  It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure.


So now it’s your turn.  Do you remember the event from your childhood that sparked a lifelong interest?  Share it with me!

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REVIEW: Texas Twist by Cynthia D’Alba 4

Texas Twist (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #4) by Cynthia D’Alba
Published:  September 2, 2014

Hit hard by the death of her parents, Paige Ryan needs to figure out what to do with her life. She moves to Whispering Springs, Texas, to be near her step-brother. But just as she starts to get her life on track, the last man she ever wanted to see again sends it right back off the rails.

Cash Montgomery was on the cusp of having it all. Three bull riding titles, fame, fortune and respect from his family. Until a bad bull leaves him injured, angry and searching for comfort at the bottom of a bottle. With nowhere to go, he moves into his sister-in-law’s old ranch house in Whispering Springs which he’s surprised to find already occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige starts out on her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge and sparks are ignited. Paige knows that Cash is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. But maybe this bad boy has grown up to be a real good man?

Warning: Watch out for falling lumber, falling in holes, and falling for the wrong guy again. You can leave your hard hat on.

Texas Twist is all about heartbreak, healing, and following your heart and Cynthia D’Alba writes it masterfully. This is the 4th book of the Texas Montgomery Mavericks series and they just keep getting better and better. 

**Hotness Rating 3 out of 5**

Cash Montgomery had it all. He was in line to be the three-time bull riding champion and achieving all of his dreams. Then the unthinkable happened. In a man vs. bull collision the bull won. And won big. Six months later he’s back home and hitting rock bottom. He hasn’t stepped up and helped his brothers or even tried to be a part of the family. He’s nursed his anger and bitterness every night with lots of alcohol. In a final attempt to gain back control of his life Cash asks his brother if he can set up home in the family home that his sister-in-law inherited that way he can get out from under the eye of his family and have some independence. Not wanting to bother his very pregnant wife Travis quickly agrees hoping it will get Cash out of his funk. Imagine Cash’s surprise when he finds out that the house is already occupied by none other than the girl that has haunted his dreams.

Paige Ryan was raised in the rodeo. She traveled from event to event with her mom and dad and pretty much loved her life. For as long as she could remember she had a huge crush on Cash Montgomery. A crush that he didn’t really reciprocate. But, on her eighteenth birthday she managed to get Cash in her bed and finally have the night she had always dreamed of. Sadly, her dreams didn’t include having Cash take her virginity and then practically trip over his own feet running from her trailer. But, that was a long time ago. Paige’s parents were killed in a terrible car accident and Paige has moved to Whispering Springs, Texas to be close to the only family she has left. She’s lucked out her friend has even offered to let her live in the house that she inherited before she married Travis Montgomery. At least she thought she lucked out. She can’t believe her eyes when she finds that the house isn’t as empty as she had originally thought. 

Cash broke my heart. As the youngest of the Montgomery’s so much of his identity was wrapped up in succeeding in the rodeo. He always felt he needed to prove himself. When that was taken from him he floundered and fell hard. I love Paige. She was the exact person that Cash needed. She knew when to support, when to encourage and when to kick ass. I love when a relationship is based on friendship and you could definitely feel the friendship between these two. Actually, you felt that much more strongly than the romance. The romance was slow in coming due to fear of hurt and losing one’s heart. But, when they let go of the fear boy did the sparks fly.

I gave Texas Twist 4 Flaming Hearts

4 Hearts

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Derailing My Train of Thought 6

I come from a family of artists. My mother has pieced and quilts for as long as I can remember. My grandmother painted and my sister is a talented crafter. I’ve done cross stitch and carving wood before settling on writing. Unusual things people make have called to me since I was a kid, and it makes my day still to find something unique.

The other day a friend sent me the link to a Scottish artist. Holy cats, I spent way too much time looking at the artwork of Thomas Wightman. The first piece I saw was Derailing My Train Of Thought.

861b0bdfb0448ad2d9dd8ad855f951c1 c3f449ac8327a151fe4392321881eca7

This just blew me away.

His series of sculptures convey personal emotion through symbolic form. He’s researched the thoughts and feelings of those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because he says, “I want to create a voice for the sufferers [of OCD] and the emotions felt by them.”

Drowning from Obsession shows a paper boat, sinking in a spiral of obsession.


Plagued by Doubt features a swarm of typography insects, eating away at the book just as OCD can eat away at a person who does not seek treatment.


Here’s a link to his website in case you’d like to see more of his work. http://www.thomaswightman.co.uk/126932/1384764/work/book-sculpture-derailing-my-train-of-thought

What is the most interesting art you’ve seen lately?

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D’Alba says Hello and Goodbye

Today is bittersweet for me. First the sweet!

Say HELLO to my neweTexasTwist72webst “baby”

Texas Twist hits digital bookshelves today (or rather it hit them at midnight last night!)

Here’s a blurb… Real bad boys can grow up to be real good men.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 4

Hit hard by the death of her parents, Paige Ryan needs to figure out what to do with her life. She moves to Whispering Springs, Texas, to be near her step-brother. But just as she starts to get her life on track, the last man she ever wanted to see again sends it right back off the rails.

Cash Montgomery was on the cusp of having it all. Three bull riding titles, fame, fortune and respect from his family. Until a bad bull leaves him injured, angry and searching for comfort at the bottom of a bottle. With nowhere to go, he moves into his sister-in-law’s old ranch house in Whispering Springs—which he’s surprised to find already occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige starts out on her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge and sparks are ignited. Paige knows that Cash is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. But maybe this bad boy has grown up to be a real good man?

Warning: Watch out for falling lumber, falling in holes, and falling for the wrong guy…again. You can leave your hard hat on. Here’s some buy clicks to you can add this to your huge TBR pile!

Amazon | Samhain | iTunes | Barnes and Nobles

And then, today from noon – 4 pm (Central time) and 6pm – 10 pm, there is a Facebook party slammed packed with an unbelievable author line up!

12 – 12:30 – Cynthia
12:30 – 1:00 – Randi Alexander
1:00- 1:30 Jodi Linton
1:30 – 2:00 Robin Covington
2:00 – 2:30 Sabrina York
2:30 – 3:00 – Tamara McHatton -
3:00 – 3:30 Melissa Cutler 
3:30—4:00 Donna Michaels

break to regain my sanity

6:00-6:30 Sarah Anderson
6:30-7:00 Parker Kincade
7:00-7:30 – Rhonda Lee Carver
7:30-8:00 – Laura Kaye
8:00-8:30 – Elle James
8:30 – 9:00 – Shane Rice
9:00 – 9:30 – Em Petrova
9:30 – 10:00 – Becky McGraw
10:00 – Cynthia wrap up

Pretty good, huh? Hope you can join us.

Now the bitter (of the bittersweet)

Today is last post on ENALR. Keri Ford and I have been friends a long time. I bugged the heck out of her until she let me join! I’ve been here for years (I’ve lost count) and have loved every minute and every fellow blogger. I’ve met new people, made new friends and found new authors that I love.

But as life is known to do, it’s thrown a few curve balls my way and I had to let something go from my life. For now, it has to be ENALR.

I’ll never be with a better group of ladies than one and I’ll miss them beyond words. But I’ll drop in from time to time and see what kind of trouble they’re getting in!

and look for me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.dalba and on https://www.facebook.com/groups/WesternRomanceCafe/ Take care and stay in touch!

In honor of Texas Twist’s release, I’ll post the tour Rafflecopter here. Be sure to do it. Somebody has to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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