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My superhero obsession 7

I have a confession to make. I never outgrew my childhood. I am a cartoon and superhero fanatic. What reacquainted me with this obsession was when CBS announced they were bringing Supergirl to Monday nights. For the record, I have yet to miss an episode, and I’ll admit to watching the first show more than once. I’m so impressed with the entire cast, how they’ve made National City as real as Metropolis, and that Kara Zor-el is an aspiring writer (but for now she fetches coffee and runs errands) just like her superhero cousin, Clark Kent.Supergirl_1920x1080_586896_640x360

I also love that the producers didn’t try to update it or make it politically correct and call her “Superwoman.” Calista Flockhart who plays Cat Grant, Kara’s boss explains the brand “Supergirl” perfectly, saying words to the effect, I’m a girl, I’m hot, I’m rich, and powerful, so what’s wrong with being a girl? My thoughts exactly! I also love that Melissa Benoist wants to be a positive influence on girls.

There is something that’s bothering me, though, and doesn’t exactly ring true about the whole Supergirl series–and Superman–for that matter. I’ve always wondered when they’re called to save the day, they run down the alley, rip open their shirts revealing the “S”, what happens to their clothes?

Just sayin’, if they expect me to suspend my disbelief, I’d like an explanation.

Confession over.

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It’s A Kind of Magic 4

Young Dr. Stevens.jpg

For my birthday, Dr. Stevens got me the blu-ray disk of THE HIGHLANDER, which was one of our favorite movies back when you got everything on VHS from your local Blockbuster video store.

(I’ll give you whippersnappers a minute to Google up all the weird terms and concepts in that sentence. You back? Good.)

The lead actor, Christopher Lambert, makes some unusually…intense expressions. I had forgotten how disconcerting his eyes were. Naturally, as I was watching, I IMDB-ed the movie and actor.

(I’ll give you “vintage citizens” a moment to Google up “to IMDB.” You back? Good.)

One reviewer commented that Lambert’s “piercing gaze” was a result of his extreme near-sightedness.

You say, “piercing gaze.” I say, “myopic squint.”

THAT’S what writers do. We shape and reshape reality by rearranging squiggles on a page. We wiggle our fingers about over keys or paper, and reality changes. I need to remind myself of this when I think that writing is just another synonym for “slogging through cold mud uphill while sheets of rain beat you in the face.”

Off to hunt down GREYSTOKE, which I’m pretty sure I watched on late-night cable television at my aunt’s house while everyone else was asleep. Because there was no way my mother would have allowed me to watch it, otherwise.

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Colored by Life 6

This may be the shortest blog post in history at least short for me, because these words don’t count toward my 50,000 word goal on NaNo. (Be my writing buddy) I’ve been to Barnes and Noble almost everyday for over a week. The baristas still don’t see me as a regular and haven’t bothered to learn my ‘drink.’ I don’t mean they know what I’ll order before I do, but that they only get it right ½ the time. Venti Earl Grey with room for cream. I like a decent pour of half and half and want to pin the tea bags to the top of the cup, out of the liquid, so they won’t continue to steep. A simple order. Nope, there is little to no room for cream and even less room to stir. I didn’t make them fix it, today.

I started drinking tea because it was the cheapest item on the menu at coffee shops. I needed the space to get away from kids and other distractions and write. I was young and poor and they didn’t offer free wifi at first. When they did I started using my alphasmart to avoid that temptation as well as the urge to edit what I just wrote. Bravery Not Included was written in this Barnes and Noble on that alphasmart. I skipped the tea and wrote in the lounge section they had back then. Once I wrote twenty-five pages in one sitting. Craziness.

I can trace specific scenes to the song playing on the radio when I wrote it, the weather outside, the way I felt that day. Peat, in Rinse and Repeat, often talks about how tired he is. I worked full time, was a full time college student, on the board of three nonprofit organizations, and wrote. Yep, definitely a reflection of life. Some of it is still a sleepy haze.

The current work in progress is Saving Wick. It’ll have a scene involving a fine bottle of scotch, Sam Smith music, and tea.

Does your daily life affect your writing? Does something you read color your day?

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