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Remembering The West 1

For the last three winters, we’ve spent time in Wickenburg, Az, roping and running barrels. This year, I took time to visit three pioneer cemeteries, and let me tell you, they don’t look like the cemeteries in the Northwest. There is no trimmed lawn or big headstones. The ground is rocky, but most of the graves, even the really old ones are tended.

The Eagle Eye Cemetery is located just north of the tiny town of Aguila, Az, at the base of Eagle Eye Mountain.


Here are some of the headstones and a little sitting area someone made beneath the only tree.



The Garcia Cemetery is at the end of downtown Wickenburg, and has some fairly recent headstones, along with the older ones. About half of the Graves are for the Garcia Family.


IMG_20160204_123839661 IMG_20160204_123858712 IMG_20160204_124059394

At least this baby has a name and date.

The Henry Wickenburg Pioneer Cemetery only has five graves, three in one monster concrete mausoleum, as far as I can tell. It is located in the center of a housing development in Wickenburg. The only access is a walkway between two houses.


I’ve visited several pioneer cemeteries before and am going to visit more in the future. What is your favorite cemetery, or do you make it a point to stay out of them?

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Getting Down & Dusty! I’ve Got Cowboys on my Mind. 6


Over here at Everybody Needs a Little Romance many of the authors write western themed books and they know a LOT about horses and cowboys. In outback Australia, we have strapping men who work wrangling cattle but we don’t call them cowboys, we call them stockmen. They too wear hats and just like in USA those hats vary by region. There’s something about men who work on horses in far-flung places away from all the conveniences. They have to be physically strong, resourceful and handy with their hands 😉 They also work with animals and I think that always reveals a softer side under their tough exterior.

A group of Aussie authors have penned a series of 8 short, short stories (hot to erotic in tone) and you guessed it, they feature cowboys/stockmen as well as a mechanic and a doctor; the men of Milpinyani Springs :-)  It’s hot, it’s dusty, the work is hard and the drought is making life tough for them and the women who cross their paths.

The Secret Confessions Down & Dusty series are short stories that are about 8000 words so perfect for reading just before bed and at 99 cents they don’t break the bank.


Coming up on Sunday AUS time, which is Saturday 8pm USA (EST time), we’re having a  Facebook party to launch the Secret Confessions Down & Dusty series :-) I hope you can come because it will be fun…Cowboys! Hot men! and there will be giveaways.

Have I tempted you? All buy links for all eBook platforms are available here at Escape Publishing.

Down&DustykellyMy short is number 3 in the series, Kelly, and okay, technically my guy isn’t a cowboy but he flies helicopters and planes and saves lives…still great hero material.:-) Kelly and Grant have a marriage in crisis and they’re struggling under the pressure of the drought. Read an excerpt here. It’s also received some great reviews.

“A romantic story that tells of re-evaluating and re-connecting. (P.S.: Lowe serves up some fantastic sexual chemistry)” Aus Rom Today.

“I loved Kelly and Grants story! Their stresses and emotions grabbed this reader and their intoxicating passion was scorching! Wonderful reading from start to finish.” Talking Books Blog.

Anyway, I hope you can come by on Saturday and play with us. We Aussies know how to have fun and we love it when our American friends come and play too! See you there!

Fiona xxx


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Phosphorus starts with P 2

I started listening to National Public Radio in the car a couple of years ago. At the time co-workers would talk about stories they had heard on NPR and I felt out of the loop. However, the biggest motivating factor to me finally listening? My friend said that he just felt smarter having listened.

Case in point – This morning I was driving our youngest to an early choir class and we had the radio on. The reporter talked about how accidents happen in science all the time: penicillin, corn flakes, etc. This particular tale involved an amateur alchemist trying to make gold from urine; boiling being his key technique. Instead he discovered a waxy substance that glows in the dark – phosphorus.

At this point me and the youngun are torn between grossed-out and intrigued. Phosphorus is used in fertilizer and explosives. The report didn’t say whether or not the German alchemist, Hennig Brand, ever saw a dime for his work. Perhaps his first brilliant step was marrying into money.

As she is climbing out of the car, my daughter says, “I don’t know what that stuff is but I’m never touching it.” Feel free to the wince and fake gag. All teens develop a proficiency. Gross or not, I totally told my co-workers all about it once I got to work.

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