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Confessions, Good for the Soul? 6

There are a few things you might want to know about me. I’m volunteering this information so keep that in mind when you consider pitching me off this blog. You see, I don’t drink coffee, at all. I don’t even know how to make it. When I go to coffee shops it’s to escape the kids, meet the girls or have a board meeting for one of the nonprofits I work with. I order tea, earl grey with room for cream.

It gets worse. You might want to sit down. I don’t like literary books. I find them boring and I’ve spent enough of my life doing what people expect that I won’t read something because it’s popular or significant. Gave that up, caring what other’s wanted from me, about the same time I started drinking and embracing my love for writing romance—both gay and straight stories of awesome people.

Still reading? Don’t want to pitch me off this blog? Wow. All this padding and bent knees as I braced for impact wasn’t need. Thanks.

Can you tell my daughters love My Little Pony?


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Come To Australia Where The Wildlife Might Kill You 9


Red back spiders are usually little but this one was in my green garden refuse bin! Glad I was wearing gloves!!

Our French exchange student arrived quite trepidatious that the Australian wildlife was going to injure him. It’s a common reaction from overseas’ guests and one I find both a little bewildering and entertaining. I am not sure why Australia is singled out as being so dangerous and my response to North Americans is always, “but you have BEARS!!!”

I was never more terrified about camping than in the Canadian Rockies. At least a snake will generally slither away if it sees you— a bear will come right at you. The only thing I fear as much as a grizzly bear is a saltwater crocodile. P1040054Those things predate dinosaurs and I reckon they’re one of the the most dangerous creatures on earth.



Australians love nothing more than ‘putting the wind up’ tourists so in true Aussie fashion we had lots of fun introducing him to all the dangerous things 😉 (Most of the really dangerous ones were behind bars or in an aquarium; I’m not stupid!)

Apparently, we have the most venomous snakes in the world. Tiger, Brown, Copperhead…. Fortunately,
they mostly move when they feel the vibrations of your feet although I have almost

DSCF4472 stepped on the occassional one. I tend to give them a wide berth and always carry a pressure bandagewhen out walking in the bush.

In far north Queensland (WHY does anyone choose to live there?)  they have the  Cassowary. This bird can disembowel you in a short space of time with their huge feet. Sadly, their rainforest habitat is under threat and their numbers are listed as endangered. They also have salt water crocodiles; my worst nightmare. In the sea there are sharks, deadly jelly fish and the blue ringed octopus as well as stone fish…this is why I live in the south cos down here we only have the occassional shark!

P1020892Of course we also have CUTE. There is the Koala although best left in the tree, because they stink and they are grumpy and can give you a nasty scratch from those big claws. Kangaroos are also best avoided as they can box and send you flying with their big feet.  We have really pretty birds, although if you’re a small dog, best not be out if a Wedgetail eagle is about 😉 So just like I gazed at Moose from a distance, most of our wild animals are best viewed with a safety zone between them and us.DSCF3483



51E-CuW6tsL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_Our wildlife is great for scenes in books, though :-) I wrote the The Doctor Claims His Bride, after a vacation in the far north of Australia where they have a lot of nasties and it was great book fodder. Mind you, I was totally freaked out the entire time I was up there. Intrigued? You can grab it at Amazon and all other eBook places along with all my other Australian-set Harlequin Medical Romances (21 so far 😉 )


Enjoy this funny video clip from the Scared Weird Little Guys and do come visit; seriously, we’re not that scary!

In home country, what do you fear the most?

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Fueling The Muse 2

There’s nothing more relaxing than a beach vacation – if it’s done right. One of those vacations where there’s no time schedule and no hustle and bustle of seeing the sights can certainly fuel the writing muse, especially when you’re just worn slap out!

This last year and half since selling my first book has been rough! The seven-day a week grind of running a horse farm, working a full-time job, giving lessons and judging horse shows and then trying to compete as well is a full load in itself that stretches the days to their limit. Then, when you add building and keeping up all the social media work involved in promoting your book and yourself as an author, not to mention actually writing, it leaves a person a little overwhelmed. I needed a break. My writing needed a break!

By coincidence, actually it was really divine intervention, I had the opportunity to go on a girls trip to Perdido Key, Florida for five days. No time clocks to punch – or any clock for that matter, no forty-five minute commute, no animals that have to be fed, no stalls to clean, no dinners to make or laundry to do. Five days of just getting up whenever, doing whatever we wanted to do when we wanted to do it, and just relax.

On a side note, the sad part is we still got up by 7am every morning and I was in bed as early as 8:30pm a couple of nights. Old habits die-hard! The good thing is that it really didn’t matter – the goal was to rest and relax.

These are the condos where we stayed.

These are the condos where we stayed.

The view from our balcony.

The view from our balcony.

We got there on Monday evening so it wasn’t crowded at all — needless to say we hit the beach first thing and this is how we spent Tuesday….

Morning view...

Morning view…

Afternoon view...

Afternoon view…

We did manage to get out and see the Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensecola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse

Interestingly enough, my friend Nancy and I are both terrified of heights. We thought we could handle it until we saw the thin little scrolled stairs that you could see through. Needless to say, our hands were plastered to the walls and railing! Our legs were sore the next couple of days as well!

I did learn that the keepers at the lighthouse would carry a five gallon bucket of oil up the stairs every two hours. Knowing what it’s like to carry water to the horses in the winter sometimes, I can’t imagine having to carry oil up that many stairs every couple of hours, seven days a week!

Not a great pic looking down from the stairs -- my hands were shaking!

Not a great pic looking down from the stairs — my hands were shaking!

Going up... there's not a lot of room!

Going up… there’s not a lot of room!

I will say the view from the top was worth the trip!

View from the top

View from the top

I did manage to get some writing in. Shortly after lunch each day, I took a few minutes to write… or take a nap!

Writing & napping

Writing & napping

My best writing however happened in the evenings. After supper, I would go to the beach with my computer and a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. If that won’t fuel the romance muse, I don’t know what will!

All in all, I managed to get not quite two chapters written on my romance, The Searching Place. My goal is to get it finished by December. We’ll see how that goes – I may have to take another vacation!

In the meantime, I have a new paranormal short story, Winds On Indian Mound, that’s coming out today in the horror anthology, Now I Lay Me  Down To Sleep – 10 Supernatural Bedtime Stories. It’s already hit the Best Sellers list just from pre-orders. Looks like the promo work isn’t going to end any time soon!

What do you do to fuel your muse?

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