Snow In Tennessee

We don’t get a lot of snow in Tennessee. When we do, we raid the stores for milk and bread, and we have trouble driving in it.

Now, I’m not sure what the milk and bread is all about as I’ve never heard of anyone making milk sandwiches. However, most of the time when we do have a tough time driving in it there’s usually ice packed underneath. Well, that and we’re just not used to it!

We had unusually warm weather right up until the first few days of January. The temperatures were in the sixties at times. Then it turned off to bitter cold with teens at night and never making it above freezing during the day. It had turned bitter cold right before the first snow hit.

Many of us guessed it was going to be too cold to snow too much, however the state sent out the salt and snow plows for the roads just in case.

As you can see below, we did have snow. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough that we couldn’t drive in it – myself included!  The picture below is my husband’s beater car sitting north bound in the left hand lane of I-75 south. I was going thirty in the righthand land and knew better than to hit my brakes. That wasn’t the first time I had gotten sideways either! I’m just glad no one else was involved and it wasn’t any worse.

Snow also gives us animals lovers a chance to enjoy our animals – sometimes a little too much – through video. My horses were unusually full of themselves with the cold temperatures and white stuff on the ground.

Horse monsters!! Did I mention I am having WAY too much fun videoing these ponies??? #horses #Tennessee #snow #blizzard

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We still have this month and March to go. There’s a chance we’ll get some more snow.

How has your weather been in your neck of the woods? How do you handle the snow?