All wet

My poor baby exposed like a turtle on its back. 🙁

Man, I hate being late! I usually get my posts done the night before and schedule them for the next morning, but this week hasn’t been my best.

It started out great. On Monday I finally gave in and upgraded my tired old MacBook to a glittery new MacBook Pro. High of the week! I spent two days getting all my files and programs transferred over, setting things up just the way I like it, and generally smiling a lot while staring at it. 😉

Feeling a tad under the weather yesterday morning, I opted to write rather than work out during my kids’ 4:45 am swim practice. (Yes, being up that early is totally gross, and this night owl does not like waking at 3:45 unless it’s for a quick trip to the bathroom.) I had a stellar writing session getting almost 1000 words (four pages) into the start of my hero and heroine’s first love scene.

I couldn’t wait to get home and keep writing–something that hasn’t happened to me enough lately. Screw the nap, I was bursting with enthusiasm. Can you tell I like getting my characters together? Maybe I should write erotica…

And then life slammed me. Uptown problem for sure, but still. When I got home and pulled my laptop from my bag, I noticed a few drops of water on it. Oh, damn, my water bottle leaked when the bag fell over. Stupid, but just a few drops on the lid.

So, I wiped it down, plugged it in and opened the case. Wherein the computer started up and immediately shut itself down. WTH? That’s when I realized it was dripping from the bottom of the case. Inspected the bag and it was soaking wet. No, no, no!


So I got online and read up on how to deal with it, and now my new baby is “airing out” with it’s backside removed after having its insides wiped down and lightly blow-dried, and sitting over night in a bed of rice, followed by a quick “bake” at really low oven temperature.

And I’m trying not to freak out, keeping my fingers crossed that when I put it back together and turn it on it will greet me happily.

So for now, it’s back to my tired, but so far trusty MacBook that just hasn’t been the same since I dropped it at swim practice last year, even after getting a new hard drive and keyboard. Yes, it seems swim practice and my computers are not a good combination.

You’d think I’d learn.

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I’m sure Gwen will be along soon……but in the meantime IT’S FRIDAY!!! WOOT!

What’s on plan for you this weekend? Books to read? Family fun? Baking? Hunting (started already!)? Small Town awesome stuff?

Every October my home town does something called Musicfest. This year we’ve got Sawyer Brown! (replacing Easton Corbin who got sick 🙁 ), Boyz II Men (that’s right!), James Otto, Sunny Sweeney, Tone Loc (woot!) just to name a few! Hopefully we can get out there on the square one afternoon. Always lots of fun stuff during the day for the kids.

Other than, I’ll be nose to the grindstone, fingers to the keys, eyes bleeding from the screen–yep, I’ll be working!

How about you?

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