Zero to a Hundred

By Laura Drake

It’s been a weird year. We came home from the annual pilgrimage to Texas, ready to put the house on the market, pack up, and GTT (go to Texas.) That plan lasted 24 hours. One doctor appointment and two foot complex foot surgeries nixed it.

I admit it – I am a physical being. I’ve been a jock all my life, and tax my body to the limit  (maybe that’s why it’s falling apart at an alarming rate.) I do NOT do restrictions well. I had the first surgery in February, and am just getting back to walking a mile at a time…slowly.

Way. Too. Slowly.

With the first part of the year taken up with hobbling and whining, I looked at the break between surgeries as my vacation time. So I crammed an entire year’s partying into a month and a half.

First Signing 1First, my debut book launched, the end of May. I’d spent 16 years dreaming about what it would be like, and thanks to giving friends and people I’d never met, it was better than I could have imagined. Woo hoo!

Next up is my annual fishing trip to the mountains. My fishing buds (ladies, all) and IIMG_1175 are leaving in two weeks. Memories will be made, and they won’t all be about the fish; last time we went, I broke both bones in my lower leg, but I only thought I’d sprained the ankle – so there was no way I was missing the Jacuzzi. My buds wheeled me down on a luggage carrier. Yes, wine was involved. I anticipate more legendary memories that hopefully don’t involve bail money.

I get back from that, change suitcases, and fly to the RWA National Conference in Atlanta. It’s my first time as a published author – hello literacy signing! I’m rooming with a crit group member, and we’re planning PJ parties already. So cool.

I’ll get home just in time for the pre-op appointment, and next surgery. The party’s over, big time.Cast

I’m absolutely dreading the surgery, and the down time. But I’ll survive by focusing on writing, and on the walls, moving in.

But once that’s over, we’re putting this house up for sale!  I mean it this time!