You Don’t Have To Be Lonely….

I’m sure we’ve all heard the tag line for Farmers Only that says, “You don’t have to be lonely at Farmers Only dot com.” Well, I can attest to that!


Living in east Tennessee, there’s not a lot of real cowboys, especially older single ones.  Yes, there are a good number of men here that ride horses, especially gaited horses, and they’re good guys. However, there’s a big difference between men that just ride and cowboys and being a barrel racer and a strong-willed woman I needed a real cowboy. I knew if I was going to find me a cowboy, I was going to either have to move out west, or import one as my chances of finding what I was looking for was slim to none! So, I created a profile on and the search began.

Let me just say finding romance at an older age is a TOTALLY different ballgame than it is in your twenties or even thirties. It’s a whole lot harder to find someone who isn’t jaded and stuck in their ways. It’s also hard to find someone who doesn’t act old. I mean, I’m old but life is too  short to sit on the couch and I want to keep that spirit of adventure! So, finding someone that’s active,young-minded and a cowboy is quite a feat to accomplish!

While most of the men on Farmers Only are rural-minded, horsemen and cowboys really are in the minority. There were a lot of nice non-horse guys that contacted me but I knew I what I was looking for. Every now and then a cowboy would contact me and I would get excited. After all, talking to a real cowboy was quite a treat. I met quite a few nice, and not so nice, cowboys on Farmers Only, but none of them seemed to be just right.

Then one day I got a message from a very handsome cowboy that had been a bull rider in his younger days and now trained race horses in Oklahoma. What was amazing to me was that at fifty-four he still rode race horses – talk about young-minded!

We spent a few weeks messaging and texting back and forth non-stop.  The first phone call went the same way, and at times our phone conversations would go on for as long as six hours at time.  Both of us being horse people, we had a whole lot to talk about and it seemed as though we fed off each other.

After a couple of months, I decided to take a trip to Oklahoma to see this awesome cowboy I had been talking to for what seemed like forever. When we first saw each other, the same chemistry we’d had through texts and phone calls was even stronger in person.

Needless to say, being a good ol’ Tennessee gal I brought my cowboy back with me! I now have an imported genuine cowboy and we’re having the time of our lives!

So, I guess it’s safe to say if you’re lonely and you’re looking for some cowboy romance, you might want to check out Farmers Only.

Race horse trainer Tab Bouk from Oklahoma

Race horse trainer Tab Bouk from Oklahoma