Writing to Read…

Sorry I missed blogging last week. The hubby and I were on vacation and I was pretty much without internet access the entire time, other than what I could manage to connect with on my phone. I tried to hook my ancient lap top a couple of times, but the motel’s WiFi was incredibly slow. Combined with the dinosaur-like plodding of my 20G hard drive (yes, I did say 20 GIG!) and I decided it just wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

We came back to a house full of people. All the kids were here, both of the grand daughters, and my husband and I looked at each other, threw what we needed back into the truck , and headed out to the ranch for the rest of the weekend. He spent the next two days in bed and I spent them writing on my WIP. The ranch is great, but it also has no internet so I find it is a great place to go with very few distractions when I really need to get something done on my stories. I would say it was a successful two days since I managed to add about 12k words to my latest book. That puts me at about the half-way mark, so I’m doing well!

That actually brings me to the topic of my blog today. I know many of you who read this are also writers. I am wondering if you have ever experienced the same thing I did this past week.

This particular story that I am working on has been on the back burner for a few years. It started out as a short story–just a little piece of fluff for Christmas actually–but when I let my oldest daughter read it she said “You know mom, wouldn’t it be cool if this happened and they found out this…” I just looked at her and realized my short story had just become a full-length book because darn it–she was right!!

So I have written on it and edited it and re-written it a few times until I finally listened to Jennifer Crusie and the rest of the Cherries and realized that it doesn’t need to be perfect–it just needs to get written!! So I am writing again, which is an awesome feeling all in itself when you haven’t done it for awhile. And I realized that I was really, really loving this story.  I felt the same way I feel when I get a really good book that I can’t put down until I am done reading it. And the only way I am going to know how this story ends is I have to keep writing it!

I’m pretty excited about it actually. And I am irritated that Real Life takes me away from my story because instead of going to my job that pays the bills what I really want to do is sit down and write.

So tonight I will pull out the lap top or sit at the computer and write. I will have to wait until my husband and kids are safely ensconced in their rooms so I can hopefully get some uninterrupted time to myself. My husband like to stand over me while he watches my fingers fly on the keyboard and ask “So what are you doing?”. To which my response is usually a growl or a grunt or a wave of my hand as I try desperately to stay in the story and not get distracted away from it. Do you know how many great lines I have lost because of people asking me questions?! Argh!!

So my question to the writers in the group is this: do you feel the same way about your stories as you write them as you do when you read another author’s book? Do you get excited to see where the story is taking you or do you already know where its going and just have to get the words down on paper? Do you just have to keep writing because you want to see how it is going to end? I have the story in my head–the plot line, the arc, the conflict, the resolution–but it is so much fun seeing how my characters are finally starting to come to life and be real people instead of just an idea in my head! I know who they are, what they want out of life, and I can control their destinies with click of my mouse. The power is a little bit intoxicating!

I am off to wreak havoc in my own little world. (And by the way, if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter, you can find me under the name @RescueCherry. I seem to be getting more popular as time goes by! Come follow me!)