Writing Cycles

Aftershocks FinalEveryone knows life has cycles. Beyond the obvious, we tend to recognize patterns where a lot of something happens at the same time. You know a bunch of people having babies, or battling illnesses, or celebrating book sales at the same time. When one celebrity death is announced, you know more are coming (RIP Doris Roberts, Chyna, and Prince. 🙁 )

My writing has gone in cycles, too. Sometimes it’s a struggle, other times everything surges like crazy. There will be a bunch of projects requiring edits or, like right now, several new books that must be written all at once.

The content has cycled, too. I started out writing contemporary romance. Once I wrote Soul of the Dragon, though, romantic adventure took hold of my soul. I can’t even fathom writing a simple contemporary now. Really. I tried. It was sooooo boring! It just isn’t my strength, and that’s a good thing for me to know.

A while ago (too many years to mention), I branched out even further. Romance has always been what drives my writing, but I tried a bunch of things that stretch the definition, expanding the adventure plots, dabbling in romantic triangles, and leaping fully into urban fantasy and YA. For a while, the books being published were more strongly entrenched in romance. But here I am with multiple books being published that stray beyond the strict borders.

NJD_TheColorofCourage_400x600It wasn’t by intention to have these things all come out at the same time. It was just circumstance, and it’s funny because my writing has swung back in the other direction. For example, my latest release, The Color of Courage, is a superhero book. It’s told in first person with only one POV. I’m working on the sequel, The Light of Redemption, and I’m dying to put Conn’s point of view in the book. Though I did get adjusted to the first person again. That helps.

So what kind of cycles do you find yourself in, either as a reader or a writer or in general life?