Writer on Deadline Revolts Against Cooking, Kids Eat Free

One week. That’s how long my husband was gone on a recent business trip while I was on deadline. Since he’s the breadwinner, I couldn’t exactly say, “Oh honey, please don’t go. I have work to do.” Nope. Not gonna happen.  I did, however, solemnly swear not to lift a pan or scrub a pot during his absence. The time it took to cook  a decent meal meant I was losing time working, and being a single-parent for a week, I revolted.

Being new to the area and on a budget, I wasn’t sure my son and I could afford to eat out every night, but in an effort to maximize word count, I was willing to give it a try.

I stumbled upon a website, and holy cow, my week changed with a click. The site My Kids Eat Free (dot) com.  http://www.mykidseatfree.com/welcome.asp

Could it be? A website devoted to restaurants across the country solely to pass along  free kids meal info to parents. (Gotta love the internet) Yup. There it was.

I search the website by state, by city, and up popped a listing of all the places my son (who is under 12) could eat free. Cool.  The site listed the restaurant, and a brief description of the “deal”. Some free kids meals are only offered on specific days, some are determined by age (under 12), most all of them required an adult purchased meal, too.

Then, it hit me. Does free mean nutritious?  Should I sacrifice my word count to make sure my son got his daily intake of fruits & veggies. Luckily, I didn’t have to feed him junk.  All the restaurants listed offered healthy options, too.

So, my son’s week of eating free looked like this:

Chili’s – kids meal – cheeseburger, side of celery stick with ranch dressing, water. For free Chili’s coupons, sign up to receive emails at www.chilis.com

Pinchers – kids meal – hot dog and fries (okay, so I let him have junk one night).  Kids eat free everyday with purchase of adult entree.

Bob Evans – Kids eat free on Tuesdays and Breakfast food for dinner. What fun!

Il Primo Pizzeria – Kids eat free after 4pm on Wednesdays.  Mama-Mia!

Moe’s – Kids eat free with a paying adult on Sundays and Tuesdays. WELCOME TO MOE’S!

My son and I even received free dessert. By signing up for a frequent customer program at Let’s Yo! Yogurt shop, we got 12 ounces of yogurt for free! Both of us.

Plus, we actually turned it into a little math game as well, I was able to teach my son how much money we’d saved with him eating free.

A week of increased word count, a math lesson, and no dirty dishes–all writers should be so lucky!