Working Girl

I didn’t post last week because I was at work. Early. For the entire day. By the time I got home I was exhausted and could barely think, let alone put some coherent thoughts together and write a blog.

This working six days a week is for the birds. Or for the insane.  Either way it blows dead bears and I am not sure I can keep doing it. I LIKE my time off and I HATE giving it away! And after looking at my last check stub I am pretty sure that I am giving all this OT to Uncle Sam since it didn’t seem to make its way into my bank account like I had planned!  Sigh… My operations manager told me I need to adjust my W2’s while I am working all this over time so I can actually bring the money home instead of helping my government fund researches on the plight of the red-legged frog and how we can help it coexist with its urban neighbors but my payroll person has been in Texas visiting her ill father so I have to wait. Meanwhile I am pretty sure today’s OT will help pay for a new laptop for one of those research geeks but I am going to work any way because I have no choice.

Being a working girl means I have a finite amount of money each month to meet my financial obligations. Every payday I spend looking at what I made and balancing it against what I need to pay. Some weeks are better than others and I actually come out ahead. Usually this isn’t a huge problem but I have been playing catch-up since my hand surgery and the fact that I only got one pay check in the entire month of November has put me in a financial bind.  Then to top it all off the transmission decided to go out on my four-wheel drive Yukon and it now sits in my driveway with a non-op on it and a dead battery while I work every Saturday until I can get enough money to fix it. Oh, did I mention I am still making payments on it? Yeah, that’s the part that really gets me! I get to pay $300 a month for a big white yard ornament…  Lucky, lucky me!

But good things do happen. I have some of the most beautiful grand children God ever blessed a person with and I spend a lot of time with them. The boys were here yesterday with the two girls and it was chaos but so much fun! Add in the dogs and my house gets very loud and VERY busy!

Speaking of dogs–Twister is doing well. He has mange and a slight case of rickets but every day I see improvements. We have realized in the past week or so that our guess of jack Russell parentage was WAY off base! He is quickly growing into a large dog and now we are leaning towards maybe cow dog with a little pit bull mixed in! My god-daughter came to visit again this weekend and she is just in love with Twister and has decided to make him her service dog. I am so excited for him! He is going to be so great at it! He is very smart and has such a quiet personality he will be wonderful as a PTSD dog and will be at her side 24/7. Best life I could have wanted for him and he SO deserves it after the rough start he got in life. I will keep him here until he is over the mange  and we will work on potty training him so when she gets to bring him home in March he will be the perfect pup for her.

We have another rescue here. I seem to find dogs a lot or they find me. Yesterday there was a commotion on the bus island and when it settled down there was s small dog tied up to a bus bench, apparently abandoned. I went over to check it out and she was absolutely terrified, fear-biting everyone who cam near her. So of course I had  to help her. she bit me several times but since I wear leather driving gloves I wasn’t too concerned and I was finally able to win her trust and picked her up. Our police officer had called Animal Control but when I said I would take her he let me have her. So now I have this amazing little Chihuahua mix girl here for whom I am trying to locate her owner. She was very scared when I picked her up but I visited her on each of my breaks (she was in my car) and she started to warm up to me. Since I brought her home we have discovered that she absolutely loves children and women but is a little hesitant about men. We are calling her Kahlua for now.  The cats, however, do not seem to be too fond of her yet–she thinks they want to play and they decidedly are NOT having fun!

Well, my coffee is almost gone and I need to think about getting ready for work. The grand daughters are up so I need to go get my daughter up to watch them shortly since I will be leaving. Not looking forward to my long day–won’t be home again until 730 tonight so I need to set up something for dinner before I go…  Yes, such is the life of a working girl–her work is never done!

What do you do when you need some extra cash? Do you get the opportunity to work over time or is that not an option? I’m pretty fortunate that I am able to work extra but not everyone is. Let me know!