Word Pictures – Song Lyrics

By Laura Drake

I was chatting with an old friend via email this morning, and we were discussing song lyrics. It’s a favorite topic of mine, because I’ve always wanted to write them.  After all, they’re just a hugely abbreviated form of writing. Mini Flash Fiction, with poetry thrown in.

I love how songwriters can capture a mood or a situation with one stanza. As an author, I’m held captive by the words. Music styles change (a huge amount, in just my lifetime!) but for me, the lyrics are the magic.  It’s funny; I don’t really care for country music, for the most part, but I find the lyrics very strong.

Here are a few I’ve loved for years [ETA by Keri Ford: click the link to hear a portion of the song on Amazon!]:

Billy Joel  – Goodnight Saigon

Sting – Fields of Gold

Sting – Russians

Garth Brooks – The Dance

Randy Travis – Forever and Ever, Amen

Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel of Love (number 7 on the list)


I swear I’m going to try writing some!

Aren’t you captivated by powerful lyrics?  Share your favorites in the comments!