“Wind of Change,” My Arsch!

Do you know who is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year?

Well, do you?

Only the greatest German rock band of the last 50 years—the Scorpions!

If you don’t know who I’m talking about then…humph. I mean, its the SCORPIONS!

Let’s all take a moment to light our Feuerzeuge and wave them in the darkness to “Wind of Change.” Has your caffeine hit yet? Then we shall bang our heads together (I mean simultaneously, not actually “together”) to “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”

Klaus Meine, the lead singer (and lead tambourinist) looks as good to me at age 66-ish in that black leather beret as he did in 1986. And Klaus and the guys are out now on their 50-year world tour, which has come after their great farewell tour. In 2012 they told the world farewell–and found touring so gratifying they decided to do it again. In Berlin last week, a biopic about the band opened in theaters to great acclaim and pomp.

And while nostalgia plays a big part in the little thrill I get when I see coverage of the Scorpions, much of what I feel is just plain respect. Since 1965 these guys have followed their passion and worked their ever-lovin’ Arsches off. They get on stage tonight and sing songs they’ve sung over and over again for decades—and still bring their graying audiences to their feet with enthusiastic roars.

In this day and age where many of us change careers with our underwear, I admire and envy their focus. By going one direction in their lives together, they’ve gone so far—around the world and back again.

Who do you know who has purpose, passion and sheer stick-to-itiveness?