While the cat is away…


My husband is at a seminar out of town this week, a rare event for him, and with my son still at summer school, I’m home alone this week. Oh my! What to do with this opportunity?

In the past, I took time home alone to do something fun like rent a chick flick and splurge on some premium ice cream. But I’m doing Weight Watchers, preparing for RWA National, so premium ice cream is out this time. I did watch Les Mis last night, something I feel sure my hubby wouldn’t have sat still through. I plan to get some more movies to watch since summer TV is so pitiful. (I am looking forward to the last season of Dexter starting at the end of the month.)

I also used to take the opportunity to cook some of my favorite food that my husband doesn’t like. But again…I’m on Weight Watchers, and my favorites include things like mac and cheese, casseroles with creamy sauces, starchy vegetables. Hmm, no wonder I need Weight Watchers! So…probably no cooking.

I have planned one lunch out this week to meet a friend. Perhaps I could fill up my calendar with other “dates.” I’ve been talking with one friend in particular about sharing a bottle of wine and catching up on girl talk. I think I’ll give her a call.

The thing is, in the past, my home alone time was often just a night or two while the kid and his dad went camping. Now I have an empty nest, no kid around all day, and as a writer, I don’t see many people on the average day. I look forward to my hubby coming home, so I’ll have a human to talk to! (The cats try, but they just aren’t good at long conversations.) My hubby returns late on Thursday…which also happens to be our 26th anniversary. So while the cat is away, this mouse is…well, wishing the cat would hurry home! In the meantime, any suggestions of some trouble I could get into to help pass the time? (Other than the new proposal I gotta get ready lickity-split?)