Where am I Exactly?

resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-meme-generator-i-don-t-always-talk-to-myself-but-when-i-do-i-totally-agree-37e329I was in the freezer section of the grocery store the other day and caught myself talking to the hero in my current book. I’d like to say I was having that conversation in my head but, you know, I can’t actually be certain I didn’t ask him a question out loud. It didn’t help that I was in my yoga pants (trackkie dacks) and wearing my husband’s fleece…the office had been cold and it was handy. So I looked homeless AND I was talking to myself. People were giving me odd looks and a wide berth. I am sure I have a bit of a reptuation at the store …that vague and badly dressed woman!

That’s the thing about being a writer. I spend a LOT of time in another world and then real life impacts; the family expect to be fed, there are parent-teacher interviews to attend, library books to return, bills to pay…you know the drill. I am not a naturally vague person…I am quite switched on really, well most of the time but totally not at deadline time OR when the book isn’t working so well.  To add to my sense of dislocation, the book I am writing is not set where I live or in the current season.

I am in the depths of winter, writing with gloves on my hands and a blankie on my knee and my characters are cavorting around sunny Montana in June! Yes, I am addicted to Glacier National Park webcams which show glorious scenes like this, mcdcam

when on Friday, I was looking at this.


Talk about escaping into my imagination 🙂


On 8/12, which is exactly one week away 🙂  Harlequin are releasing four of my books not previously available in the USA & Canada, Fiona Lowe’s Babies  (ebook anthology) includes Pregnant On Arrival, The Nurse’s Longed-For Family, RuBY nominated Her Miracle Baby and finally, The Midwive Bride.

All these books are set in Australia and most of them feature sunshine although one is set in the mountains during winter. These are the first four books I wrote and were originally released in the UK in 2006-07. It’s just wonderful that my NA readers can finally access them. Check out my website for more information, excerpts and photos 🙂

It’s up for pre-order now at iBooks, Amazon, Nook store, Google play and where all eBooks are sold for less than coffee and cake and even less carbs!

And back to reality vs imagination, where do you escape to in your head when you need to?