When it rains . . .

Sorry to be late with the blog, but we’ve had some interesting things going on night and day around my house. As some of you know I live in Colorado, and we’ve had two horrific fires, followed by a hundred year flood, followed by more rain. I haven’t watered my lawn since April. Amazing, how one minute we’re in a drought (please let this happen for California and the Pacific Northwest) and then here comes the rain and the drought is over.
But with rain comes another problem. I live on a spring. As a matter of fact all the houses, including mine have “spring” in their addresses. I’ve lived here – what, 25 years – and never thought much about it until all this rain has caused the springs beneath homes to overload, which creates other “unsanitary” problems if you catch my drift.
This left me in a panic I did not want the sewer backing into my home, which is exactly what happened to my neighbor down the street. Poor guy. That has to be an insurance nightmare. So far so good—and the cavalry—men which huge pump trucks have been working outside my house since yesterday afternoon in one of those holes they like to climb into – or not. Nevertheless, my neighbors and I are grateful.
Wish them luck—and me. Just sayin’ when it rains it pours– literally.