What’s on TV at my house

Family_watching_television_1958 This week our cable company has offered free streaming of some premium channel series and full seasons of popular network shows. My husband and I jumped at the chance to watch the most recent season of Dexter before it is available on DVD since we don’t get Showtime. Last season ended with the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers (No spoilers here please!) And we’d been chomping at the bit to see what would happen next!

For those who don’t know, Dexter is about an affable Miami PD blood spatter analyst who also happens to be a serial killer. Um, yeah. You read that right. No one in his life knows this dark side of him, but his late adoptive father, a police detective, recognized his killer traits when he was young and taught him a “code.” Knowing he couldn’t change Dexter, Harry taught him how to not get caught made him swear to only kill people who “deserved” to die– the scum criminals that fell through the legal cracks. 200px-Dexter_Morgan

The show is a fascinating character study. I mean…the viewer is rooting for a serial killer! Gaa! All of the main characters have depth and complexity. The script is awesome in its simplicity one moment and profundity the next. The show has tension, humor, pathos, action, introspection. But it is not for the faint of heart. It can be gruesome in parts, and Dexter’s sister and cohorts can have filthy mouths. Overall, though, Dexter is wickedly fun and fascinating.

On the far, far opposite extreme, I’m in love with Downton Abbey and have watched all three seasons at least twice each. I love the period setting, the costumes, the witty dialogue, the drama and romance. Downton_AbbeyAnother highly recommended show if you are one of the few who’s not discovered this jewel yet.

Other recently discovered gems— Parks and Recreation. Laugh out loud funny no matter what your political leanings. Lovably goofy Andy’s antics crack me up, City manager and superlative enthusiast Chris Traeger gives ‘health nut’ new meaning, and Ron “Give Me All Your Bacon and Eggs” Swanson is the ultimate man’s man. Another show with great witty dialogue (even if Tom is getting on my nerves with all his swagger crap).

Other shows on my must watch list (although most have lost their original luster, they’re still worth tuning in): Once Upon a Time, Castle, Big Bang Theory, and Duck Dynasty (Hey, Jack, I live in West Monroe where the show is filmed, so it’s almost required viewing. I was even in line at the Donut shop this past Sunday behind Corie Robertson.)

So what are YOU watching? What are your favorite, gotta-watch shows lately?