What Writers Do

I think we’ve all seen these, right?

But that’s not all. Sometimes we do this:

and I LOVE doing that. That’s me signing and our lovely new blogger, Beth, next to me chatting with a fab reader.

A lot of the times we’re doing things like this post, twitter, facebook, tumbler, Google+ and whatnot. But really what we do is Edit.

Or at least me.

Write? What-wait? huh? Aren’t you a writer? Well that’s what I tell the IRS, but I would wager 75% of the year, I spend my time editing. I can write a dirty draft in 4-6weeks. That’s fun. It’s that first bloom of romance with my characters where I get to know them, find out about their story and see what they’re up to.

Then the real work starts. The Editing. Where I take those sloppy pages with motivation and characters running all over the place and turn them into a story. I like to think of it as this. Writing is the border on a 100,000 piece puzzle. Editing is filling in the insides. Some of it is easier than others. Who doesn’t love a small house with the windows and doors and roof! Then the edges of the bushes against the white house. That part is fun. It’s quick success.

And then other times editing is like that trying to piece together that massive blue sky and WTH–why would anyone put a huge sky in a puzzle? oh, lord, or worse–Snow. It’s like teeth coming out to get them in, but no matter how many pieces you try and how many doesn’t fit, you just can’t stop until it’s finished.

Maybe instead of a writer, I should be called a Puzzler. I kind of like the ring of that.

But after sitting around for sometimes months at a time, averaging 10 hours a day of work, trying the pieces, thinking one day you can force two pieces together that don’t actually go together and eventually you end up with a finished book.

That’s what I really do. What do you really do at your job?