What is THAT???

I was lost in my new book yesterday, typing along, getting to the good part (hehehe, wouldn’t you like to know what it was?) when all of a sudden a strange fragrance wafted in through my window. It smelled good. Fresh. Earthy. What was it? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it rolled through me, lifting my spirits.

I kept typing.

And then there was this sound. Pit. Pat. Ting. Ting.

I looked up from the monitor. Could it be? Nah. Wait. It was. Rain!!!

I live in Southern California. Rain these days is a miracle because we’ve been in a drought for four years. Here’s a picture of what that feels like. Buzzards a’waiting. Seriously, I took this picture this morning from my backyard. Does that creep you out or what?

buzzards a waiting


Here is a picture of a beautiful valley I walk by everyday. Pretty but way too dry. You should see it in the Spring. Heck, you should see my yard right now. So sad to watch the lawn die. But we can’t waste water on a lawn, not here. Water is too precious.

Cactus in the picture










It’s dry here. Really, really dry. Some cities have already run out of water. My town and the surrounding cities are getting close. The main water source for many nearby cities is a lake that is predicted to run dry in September. That’s it folks. No more water. Scary. The other source of water is California State water, but what happens when the entire state is in a drought? What happens when California grows most of the nation’s food? How do we survive without water? We are all finding out the hard way.

Rationing is going on. Penalties for overuse. Shaming. Blaming. Yep, all happening here. But people are resilient and resourceful. Look at what a local shop owner did with his fountain. Drought resistant plants instead of water is a great idea. Especially since all the fountains have been shut off, including the drinking fountains. Anyone getting thirsty?

fountain of plants










It’s scary and sad and hard, but you know what? We work together and learn to adapt. We don’t take precious resources for granted. We try new things. We plan better for the future. And besides, we had rain yesterday. The dirt is still wet.

There’s hope.  There’s always hope.