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So, what does romance mean to me? In publishing standards, romance is defined mostly by its happily-ever-after. To me, romance isn’t always that grand gesture of standing in the rain declaring one’s love. Though, yeah, we like the big gestures in romance. After all, we’re reading it to escape. There’s something to be said for up against the wall love scenes or lust beyond all reasonable thought. But the little things say a lot too. The hero brushing his fingers over the heroine’s jaw. The heroine reaching for the hero’s hand. The hero or heroine smiling into a kiss. The little things matter. They’re sexy. Conflict and character build romance. The best friend who secretly pines. The girl who thinks she’s the ugly duckling. The guy who believes he’s incapable of love. Those notions take us out of ourselves, keep us reading. Romance to me is thinking the characters are real, rooting for them, knowing they deserve to be happy, and defying odds to end up together. It’s about the simplest of basic human needs: Happiness.

My hero Troy for The Dysfunctional Test grew up mostly in the foster system. Even withTheDysfunctionalTest a rough childhood, he believes love exists and sees the magic in life. My heroine Camryn grew up in a large, loving family and believes love is an arrangement met by two compatible people. When these two opposites come together for a mutual purpose, sparks ignite. Going back to the romance of things, the little things in this book define the romance. And what the reader will come to realize is that romance hinges on happiness.

This book and these characters struck a chord for me. One side of my family is Serbian, and Camryn is so much like myself. Troy is like my alter ego writing self. Though this is a fun quirky read, the serious emotional undertones are strong. It was fun to incorporate some of my heritage into this story. I hope you like it!

Book Blurb:

You are cordially challenged to a test of true love…

Thanks to her large, crazy Serbian family, Camryn Covic is an expert at shutting down her emotions in order to maintain her sanity. But when she loses her apartment, her job and her boyfriend all in one day, she hits her breaking point. Worse, if her family finds out she’s single again, her sister’s upcoming wedding will be a disaster. The bride-to-be has a plan, though. A plan that involves an old friend, a pretend relationship… and the probability of ending up in a padded cell. Troy Lanske agrees to the crazy plan only because Camryn was once his lifeline as a foster child. But she isn’t the idealistic girl he remembers. She’s become so jaded that she doesn’t even believe in love anymore. He sets out to restore her faith in happily-ever-afters, but his plan backfires when the fake relationship begins to feel all too real. Falling for the one woman he can’t have could mean losing more than just his honorary family. He could lose everything.

Here’s the trailer!

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