What I’m Reading

This being the weekend, and weekends being for reading and relaxing (am I right?), I thought I’d use this opportunity to tell you what I reading. Just a few days ago I picked up the latest installment in Linda Castillo’s Amish thriller series, Her Last Breath, a book I’ve had preordered for months. In Linda’s Kate Burkholder series, we follow the Chief of Police for Painters Mill, a small town in rural Ohio where there is a large Amish population.
HLB final 311x473Police Chief Kate Burkholder was herself Amish before a tragedy in her teen years changed the course of her life. She left the Amish community and pursued a career in law enforcement, which eventually led her back to the small town where she grew up. With the shadows of her past life hanging over her, Kate solves grisly crimes in her community with the help of a small but loyal police department and a state agent with even darker history. John Tomasetti lost his family to a vicious criminal and has suffered addiction to alcohol and deep depression since that time. But through his alliance with Kate and her relationship with John, the two begin a rocky relationship and the slow process of healing as the catch serial killers and those who would prey on the innocent in Painters Mill.
Linda’s books have won wide critical acclaim and the first book in the series, Sworn To Silnece, was made in to a television move which aired on Lifetime this past January. I adore Linda’s thrillers, which never fail to keep me up late at night and sleeping with the light on for days afterward. Her research into the Amish lifestyle and beliefs adds a rich complexity to the stories, and her pull-no-punches style of writing cuts to the heart with its realism. The opening chapters of Her Last Breath are heart-wrenching, and I’m already clamoring for justice for the murdered Amish family.
So what are YOU reading?