What Do You Do with the Rest of the Dress?

We’ve had a lull between weddings. You know how it is, all your friends and cousins are getting married, and then having kids, and then the kids start getting married. I think the last wedding I went to was my cousin’s, almost a decade ago. Now my nephew, the first in his generation on either side of the family, is getting married in September. And my daughters are bridesmaids. Which is awesome, but the logistics are already stressing me out. LOL

The bride and groom live about two hours away, but she came down here to shop for her gown, and one of her other bridesmaids and my younger daughter tried on one dress. Then they picked a dress on Amazon that was about a third of the price. Which is great, since I have to buy two of them. But…

First issue was the reviews. You always have to take reviews with a grain of salt, of course. But there were a LOT that said the boned cups were pointing the wrong way. Like, in opposite directions, out to the side. Um…

Luckily, the wedding’s not until September.

Okay, so I ordered two dresses. There’s no official size chart, only Amazon’s general one, and we figure it’s easier to take in than let out. The smaller dress for some reason is costing me $3 more than any other size, and won’t arrive until May. The larger dress is for my older daughter, who is up in Boston. It came, and I checked it out, and it was nice. Well put together. I shipped it up to Boston, and on Sunday (we had an early Easter family dinner) she modeled it on Facetime for us. After sitting in it for an hour, because she had to be laced into it while her roommate was there. The cups were fine! Phew! But it was too big. So she has to ship it back to me, so I can return it and get a smaller size. Then I’ll have it sent to her and she’ll have to find someone to hem it. And by hemming I mean cut about two feet off the bottom. Which is probably going to cost us at least the price of the dress, if not twice as much.

Okay, now, back to my younger daughter. Who is 5’1″. The dress is long enough for a woman who is 6’4″. Or maybe even 7 feet tall. I hung it from the chandelier in our dining room to take pictures, and that put the waist at eye level. The skirt touched the floor. I swear, we will be literally cutting off half the dress. We could make ANOTHER dress out of that!

But I don’t sew, so if anyone wants some red chiffon, let me know!

Anyone else have weddings in their immediate future?