Weird Science – Ugh…

School sure is a lot different from when I went. I know it’s been a few years ago, but still. Is it really necessary to do so many weird projects in order to help the students get a better grasp on what they are trying to learn?

I’m about to pull my hair out. Both my girls have Physics this year so that means two projects. Ugh…  We need to make two different balloon cars. That is, a creative-device powered by one single balloon that will roll across the floor at least 1 meter in order to receive a grade of a 70. The farther it goes the better the grade. We can’t use real wheels either. It has to be something that will roll like wheels, but can’t already be considered a wheel or have its own axle. Did I mention the balloon needs to be inside the car somehow, but able to be blown up in order to make the car go. Seriously???

Work in Progress!

Thank goodness my girls have a handle on this. We are going to have something that looks like either a witch’s hat or evil drill balloon car and a Halloween present balloon car. The wheels are these little cardboard spindles that ribbon comes wrapped on and hopefully neither of these creations will be too heavy for the balloon to move it the required 1 meter. (Yes, I had to look up how many inches that was.) LOL Never did grasp the metric system.  That’s over 39 something inches for a 70? Oh dear, why am I the only one sweating over this? LOL

What’s the strangest school assignment you’ve ever had to come up with, past or present?

Mine would have to be the time I tried to fry an egg out on the trampoline using nothing but the sun, a sad handmade aluminum foil reflector and a cast iron skillet in mid-October! Sure wish I had a picture of that crazy set up. LOL