Was it worth it?

Oh my, this blogging day came up fast. I’ve been working hard to build a greenhouse the past few days. When it’s done, it’ll be 24’ by 12’ and I’ll get to start some hot summer plants early and do some overwinter gardening!! So happy about that.

I’ve mostly assembled this thing by myself. You know, computer girls kicked to the outside for hard labor rarely ends well. My injuries are adding up:


-2 aching lungs because I breathed through it instead of walking across the yard for my inhaler. I’m completely alive still so I don’t regret that choice.

-4 bruises

-2 blisters trying their hardest to make an appearance on my thumb even though I’m wearing gloves (when you’re digging 14 holes with post-hole diggers, gloves can only do so much, I guess)

-1 completely pinched pinky

-1 busted eyebrow where I whacked myself with a wrench


I’m about ¾ of the way through this thing. Mom helped me get the front piece in today. Pleased to say everything is lining up square. Had one leveling hiccup, but we worked it out (yay!).

Need to finish assembly then consider running a water line to it. Will have to see what I can find on youtube for that….

After seeing me whack myself in the head with a wrench, mom offered to hire an electrician when I began talking about solar panels and car batteries. One thing off my list!

Ever tackled anything you’d usually consider beyond your skill set that left you beaten and bruised? Did you find it worth it or not?