Wanted: Tattoo Artist

I need a tattoo artist.

I’ve got some time yet, I want to get tattooed for my fortieth birthday. But I’ve been working up to it for awhile. I talk people up about their tattoos. Where did they get it done? What does it mean to them? Complimenting someone’s tattoo is like praising a young mans hard-grown mustache. They preen when asked. They’ll give you opinions and name drop artist in your area. The thing about knowing a little about the process, is then you sound like you already have a tattoo. You ever watch two motorcyclist pass on the road? Idaho is a helmet-optional state and our bikers are passionate. Complete strangers, yet they’ll nod to each other or raise a hand in greeting because that guy? He is in. He gets it. 

People with tattoos have similar reactions. They smile, give out information. They want to help you get a good tat at the right place. You’re in.

In my corporate life, I’ve worked with part time body piercers and tattoo artists. This one fellow has his complete head covered in tattoos. He let his hair grow before interviews, dresses in a tailored suit, it covers up all the tattoos. Then, after training, he pulls out the shears and he rocks the awesome tatted up melon. They’ve even show cased his body in tattoo magazines. He gave me some of the best advice. 1. You get what you pay for. 2. Ask for the artists input, especially on lettering. 3. A good tattoo only lasts if you take care of it.

I’ve waited this long for two reasons. I’m cheap, at least on anything for me. And I haven’t figured out what I’d get. Or where I’d put it.

Here are a couple of tattoos I love the look of.



Here is one I am considering. Notice how small and flexible it is. I could put it anywhere.

So do you have a tattoo? Where did you get it? What does it mean to you? Any advice for the newbie?