Wallet Need Tightening — Visit the Dollar Store

Anybody busy? I know I am. In between writing, board meetings and the hustle and bustle of the season, people throw in holiday parties, gift exchanges, and this morning I’m rushing to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment 70 miles away. Christmas shopping done? Cards sent out?

Not even…

Still, maybe that’s a blessing because the other day working around this hustle and bustle, I needed wrapping paper. I could have stopped at the grocery store, but I remembered I’d purchased baby shower invitations at The Dollar Store a while back, so I thought, I’m close by, I’ll maximize my time.

Time wasn’t the only thing I maximized. I went in, found a good-sized bag and tissue paper, and avoiding impulse buying, wound my way to the cash register. “That’ll be $2 and some change (taxes), the cashier said. My response, “You’re kidding.” At the grocery store this lovely holiday bag and tissue paper would have cost a minimum of $7.00, probably more. Then it occurred to me that I needed Christmas cards so I asked, do you happen to have. . . ? “Right behind you,” the woman said.

This time I allowed my gaze to wander, and not only did I buy Christmas cards, I stumbled upon the 2016 calendars. That additional purchase came to an amazing $4 and some change.

During this time of year, it’s hard to be a smart shopper, and I don’t often succeed. I was so happy I told my friend about my purchase. She smiled as though I’d just crawled out from under a rock. “I love the dollar store,” she said, then proceeded to tell me that same day she’d purchased a great sweater at a thrift store near our home for .25. This brought back memories of a court reporter friend of mine who was always so well dressed. People in the courtroom often complimented her on her attire. “Why, thank you,” she’d say. “Goodwill!”

We’re bound to spend more money than usual this holiday season. I hope these tips are useful. How about you? Do you have some economical nuggets we need to know about?

Happy holidays!