WAHHH. They Grow Up so Fast…


Today, my baby went off to high school. And of course, I took pictures of him before he left that I won’t post for privacy reasons. But I can post this one! Heheheh.

photo (7)












Hubby asked if the boy was going to brush his hair before he left. Seriously, the man didn’t see the chip of his old block pruning in the bathroom for twenty minutes?

Holy cow, they say time goes fast. To me, it’s  hardly noticeable unless I measure time in the growth of kids. Fourteen years ago was but a blink, a deep breath, a few heartbeats ago. Looking at this young man, so tall, handsome, ready to conquer the world, it is amazing that I can remember holding him in my arms. But I can.

What is also amazing is that these kids, all of them who are entering ninth grade, have lived their entire school lives during wartime. They were around one when 9-11 hit. War is part of their childhoods. It’s a sad thing. Does that mean they’ve had to grow up even faster? Maybe.

When I kissed my boy good-bye this morning, oh yes, I still kiss his cheek  but I try to be discreet in front of his buddies, he hugged me. Still sweet. Still my boy. Be good to him out there high school.