Trials of a Romance Writer’s Husband


One thing that invariably happens when people find out I write romance is they turn to my husband with a wink and a smile and want to know if I test out the sexy scenes on him. The bronc rider is an introvert and he wasn’t sure for a long time how to answer. He’s becoming an old pro though. Now, he grins and says, “Absolutely!”

It’s been a running joke between us.

When I came upon The Pink Ink Blog site the other day, I laughed until I cried. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I wet my pants a little too. Kierney Scott did a terrific job, so I’m just going to put the link here and let you all enjoy.

What it is like to be married to a romance writer ?

August saw the release of my newest book in the anthology Cowboys, Bulls & Buckles. Sweet Cowboy Kisses is the story of Pansy Lark and Kade Vaughn, the second in the Sugar-coated Cowboys series. Each story in Cowboys, Bulls and Buckles features a professional bull rider, so if you love cowboys, check us out.

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