Traditions or Superstitions?

So a New Year is upon us once again. I am not a huge fan of the holiday. Never have been. When I was younger it was a great day to make a lot of money babysitting for neighbors or friends. Everyone wanted to go out and babysitters were a prime commodity!!

As an adult I never got into the crazy party scene with hats and noise makers and lots of drinking and carousing till all hours of the night. I preferred to stay home and just watch the ball drop from the safety of my own living room. Occasionally we have gone to my sister-in-law’s home for some drinks and just to hang out but not often.

This year was no exception. The teens took off to friends’ houses, the little got tucked into bed well before the stroke of midnight, and my son played a video game on his TV, I played on mine, and the hubby watched the festivities on TV whilst drinking a beer.  I did call a friend to wish them a Happy New Year and gave my hubby a smooch at the stroke of midnight.

One of the guys at work was telling me that his wife was from Texas originally and she was fixing a traditional meal for dinner that night. I don’t remember all the ingredients but I remember she was making cornbread, fried okra, black-eyed beans and fresh tomatoes. Apparently this meal was supposed to bring them good luck in the coming year.

This intrigued me and I began to wonder if other people had a particular meal or tradition handed down over the years that was supposed to make the new year especially wonderful.  My family never had one. Maybe that is why I view the holiday with more melancholy than joy.

So of course I must now know. What do you do in your home or with family  and loved ones to ensure a great year? Is it a superstitious thing or just for fun? Who started the tradition? How long have you observed it? And most importantly–has it helped? Did you ever forget to do it and then had a bad year? Or forget to do it and it didn’t seem to matter? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Happy New Year!! Now get back to making sure you keep those resolutions you made yesterday…  🙂