Too Much Of A Good Thing

So most of you know that I had to endure the trauma of an MRI this past Monday. I promised to post afterwards how it went and if I survived the experience. Since I am sitting here at my computer blogging you can surmise  that I did indeed come through the procedure all right . However, I cannot say that I came through unscathed…

My mother in law was supposed to pick up the prescription for the tranquilizers on Friday afternoon. My husband and I left town and went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend for a little time away from the stress that is our lives. It was a great time until I blew a front tire on my Yukon about 30 miles from home. After waiting for an hour for the tow truck driver we could not locate the equipment to lower the spare tire from underneath the truck and ended up having to pay $100 to have it towed to my aunt’s house in Ripon instead. My oldest daughter met us there and we had to transfer all the stuff we had bought from our  thrift store shopping spree into my husband’s truck (her car has car seats in it and we wouldn’t have fit) and finally got home about 11 PM. So much for the end of a wonderful weekend!

When I asked if my mother in law had dropped anything off for me my daughter informed me that no, she hadn’t seen anything. I didn’t panic quite yet–maybe she hadn’t had time to pick it up over the weekend. No worries.

Monday morning my mother in law calls me and tells me that there was NO prescription waiting for me at my pharmacy. I called my pharmacy on my first break, sure there was some mistake. Nope, nothing. Ok, now maybe I was a little worried. Just a little.

I called my doctor’s office and the nice young lady who answered the phone said she would fax the prescription right over. She had done this already on Friday but she was willing to send it again. I called the pharmacy on my next break and again was told there was nothing there! Argh!! I told her it had been faxed over just that morning. Oh. Guess what? Yeah, there it was with the other faxes. Don’t get me started… “No problem–we will have that filled for you in an hour.”

By now I had decided that there was no way I could go through an entire day of work and told my boss I had to leave early. I drove immediately to the pharmacy and picked up the prescription for lorazapam and headed home.

Have any of you ever taken lorazapam? The directions on the bottle said, and I quote: “Beginning one hour before procedure take one to two tablets every 15 minutes until sedated”.  I was not familiar with lorazapam. I read all the side effects and waited for 430 PM to roll around so I could start taking them.

Now mind you, it DID say ONE to TWO tablets. I figured I had better go with the two since I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t panic in the machine. By the time my daughter and her boyfriend took me to my appointment I had downed six of those suckers…

I had to fill out paperwork when we got there. Really? Now if I went by what I remembered of the afternoon I did just fine. If you ask my daughter, she just laughs and shakes her head. To be honest, I have no idea. I had to put on a gown and walked into the room with the machine. The tech told me to lay on the table and I remember laying down and closing my eyes. He put a wash cloth over my eyes and that’s about all I remember. My leg fell off the table at one point–he told me I needed to stay up there but I guess I had fallen asleep–and then it was over. I got dressed and my daughter and her boyfriend took me home. I laid down on the couch and that was it. It was all over and I did it!! I made it through my first MRI and didn’t remember a thing!

It would have been all good except for one tiny detail the information sheet didn’t bother to tell me. Apparently taking that much lorazapam in that short of a time will not only sedate you for the hour needed to get through the MRI, it sedates you for a good 24 HOURS afterwards also!! Holy cow! I was totally useless until about 3 PM the next day!

So the good news was that I got through the MRI without suffering any permanent trauma. The bad news was I was incoherent for the next 24 hours and ended up missing an entire day of work, as well as apparently entertaining my daughters with my goofy behavior as a side benefit! Always happy to be the comic relief here at home!

So has anyone else had an interesting or unexpected reaction to prescription drugs? Or taken too much of a good thing? I’m thinking I could have probably gotten away with only taking three of those pills instead of six. (I was going to take two more but my daughter stopped me–thank God!) I had no idea they would completely knock me out!

My daughters are staring at me as I write this, waiting for me to make them coffee and waffles, so I had better get busy or the tales of my behavior while under the influence  may find their way onto Facebook… That could be all bad! I know people out there! So help a gal out–tell me you have done stupid things while following your doctor’s orders! I can’t possibly be the only one!