To Sales, Bionic Knees and Happy Reading

My good friend Cynthia D’Alba is a fellow member of Everybody Needs a little Romance, but right now she’s not feeling too romantic. You see, next week, she’s going to have knee replacement surgery, and romance and replacement parts—well, they don’t often go together.

So, being the friend that I am, ever sympathetic, I told her I wished she lived closer, then told her she should spend her time reading—preferably starting with two of my books (heh-heh) which, currently are on Amazon Kindle’s Monthly 100 Deal. (see deal at the bottom of the page).

The conversation went something like this:

Donnell: Hey, Cyndi, what’s up? Are you going to meet your deadline?

Cyndi: Yeah, I think so. Got it all figured out, which is good because this book is due on Monday.  (She then proceeded to tell me her plot for Texas Bossa Nova, which sounds like an amazing story full of twists and romantic turns, and now I can’t wait for its release. (But back to what she said.) Don’t you worry [about my knee surgery] I have a stash of pain killers, and I’m good to go.

Donnell: Yikes, I’m allergic to pain killers, but good for you! I had a friend who had both knees replaced at once.

Cyndi: You’re not helping, Donnell.

Donnell: Sorry. You know…… reading can sometimes put you out of your misery. Might I suggest . . . .

And that’s how our chat “sorta” went from discussing great medical guest speakers for our Heartbeat chapter and other sundry topics to the fact that two of my books are on sale.

Seriously, though, I want to wish Cynthia D’Alba a very successful surgery on Tuesday. This will be knee number two, and then she’s BIONIC, so look out!

Cyndi And Shane - RT2014

I also want people who love Romantic Suspense to check out these two monthly deals: All through August, The Past Came Hunting and Deadly Recall are just $1.99!


I hope you’ll check ’em out!  Here’s to bionic knees and happy reading!