To Buy or Not to Buy?

new truckToday crept up on me and I forgot today was my day to post because we spent yesterday at the car dealership buying a new car for hubby.

Hubby has been trying to decide if he wanted to trade his truck or not for the last couple of months.  We finally decided to just go down to the dealership and drive the GMC Terrain and everything just moved so fast from that point.  We drove the SVU and then sat down with the saleman and the next thing we know the sales manager is showing hubby the “bottom line” of what his new payment will be and we’ve bought a new SUV.

I think we were both kinda shell shocked because we didn’t even have our trade with us when they cut the deal.  We did have financing but they even beat that.  We did get a really good deal on the SUV and it will be much better on gas mileage but hubby is giving up his truck that he’s had for a few years.   We went back and forth all night about whether we were doing the right thing or not and I don’t think hubby got much sleep.  We took the truck in yesterday and signed the paperwork so we are the new proud owners of a GMC Terrain.

My question to you is do you dread dealing with the dealerships when it comes to buying a new car, is it better to have your financing when you go in, and do you usually buy the extra warranties they offer at the time of the signing?  It was easier to have our financing when we went in and we did end up buying the gap protection but you always wonder if you are doing the right thing.

Happy Sunday everyone and BTW – Ironman was awesome.  That is how we celebrated the new vehicle.