Time is Not On My Side

by Laura Drake

With all due respect to Mick and Keith, they lie.

It seems that we passed a time warp when we drove over the Texas border, because the days are MUCH shorter here. I get up when it’s dark. When look up, it’s noon. When I look up again, it’s dark.

I have a proposal due August 1. I know who the hero is. That’s it.

I have a book due September 1.  As of this morning, I’m 63% done. And I’m a v-e-r-y s-l-o-w writer.

This alone would be freak-making. But wait, there’s more!

I have 16 neighbors coming over for a barbeque/house-warming on Saturday.

I’m due to speak at a writer’s group 150 miles away next week, and I have no idea of what I’m going to say.

I have two books being released in August

And a little thing called the RWA National Conference tucked in there somewhere.

So sorry this blog short, but I have to go scrub toilets.

On a happier note, I DID manage to get a RITA dress! I have no illusions of my ever finaling again (much less illusions of winning) so I wanted to wear an “Oscars dress”. Only a few problems:

  1. I’m cheap
  2. I no longer live in a metropolitan area, where you can find dresses like that
  3. I will never have another occasion to wear a dress like this.

Enter – the internet. Do you know you can find anything on there? Did you know there is a site that rents dresses? Yep. It’s called Rent the Runway, and they have everything from prom dresses to ultra-glam. I was leery – the dress shows up at your door via UPS, a day or so before the event. What if it doesn’t fit? What if it doesn’t look good on me?

I spent hours poring over the site, reading everything, calling them multiple times. They not only give you lots of measurement info on the sizing, but what helped most was that other women who had rented the dress posted photos, and talked about the quality, fit, etc. So I got to see the dress on different body types, see it in natural light, and hear how it fit from someone who lived in it for hours.

I finally chose a Pamela Rowland $2700 dress called, Sands of Croatia. Yeah, like I’ve ever worn a dress that had a NAME! But holy crap, what a dress!   Here’s a photo:

RITA Dress

Wonder how much it would be to rent the body to go with the dress?

I made a wrap that I hope is going to match (to cover the fat old lady arms), and I still need to figure out jewelry, but I’ll do that when it gets here. It’s coming to the house the day before I leave to drive to San Antonio.

Yeah, I’m probably on my last year I can get away with wearing a dress like that, but what the hell; I’m not missing the opportunity!

Wish me luck. I’m hopeful, but let’s face it. This could end in disaster.