This Could Be Bad

I am writing this on my phone since apparently my computer has died.  I’m not panicked just yet.  I’m hoping the hard drive is salvageable but until my son gets up I won’t know.  Of course this happens right after I’ve downloaded photos and have to pay bills!

Whatever the outcome I know I will be without a computer for awhile.  I don’t have disposable income where I can afford to replace it easily.  Plus the pool pump seems to be non-functioning or there is a clog in the line but either way it has priority.  The mosquito abatement folks will be pounding on my door soon if I don’t get it fixed!

Of course one of my biggest concerns is my stories.  I’m pretty sure I have them all in my laptop also and possibly on a flash drive but I’m not sure the last chapter or so made the transition from the PC or not.  And now I have no way of knowing since the laptop is at the ranch. ..

As writers I know that the death of a computer is like a death knell and practically worse than a physical death.  Losing all of one’s hard work is enough to send one over the edge! Like I said,  I’m not panicking just yet- I’m going for a Zen state here-but I’m sure if my son says it’s fried I’m going to be pretty devastated.  So I’m trying to stay positive.

How have you dealt with sudden catastrophe?  Maybe bit just with a computer.  Maybe your car suddenly took a dunno when you had an important meeting.  Maybe you forgot a deadline.  What gets you through the craziness?

Myself,  I’m having a cup of coffee watching Bailey the Chihuahua pup playing in the living room.  She’s finally big enough for me to turn loose in the house to play but only while supervised.  Still afraid I’ll lose her under a couch!

Hopefully by the next time I post I will be up and running on my computer. I apologize ahead of time if there are errors in this post – auto correct is my sworn enemy! Have a great weekend!