This and that

Do you ever go through Facebook and not make a comment, but you scroll along, thinking “Good one?” That’s basically what I did this morning. If you ask what’s on my mind it’s a jumble of everything, and nothing in particular.

For instance, one friend posted about a reporter talking about an attack – the reporter went on to say no one got pictures of said attack, but the event was captured on a number of people’s selfies. (I added an ironic smile to that post.)

Dust bunnyAnother posted the cutest kitten looking under a bed at a rabbit with the caption, “That is the biggest Dust Bunny ever!” (Loved it.)

And then another from a dear friend who I grew up with talking about how one political party thinks, while the other doesn’t. I looked at the caption that initiated the photo, and, you, guessed it. It was from a political action committee, and my friend was spreading their propaganda.

I normally don’t engage in political comments, but this hit me so hard. Of course, both sides think, both sides want a better world, and sometimes one side thinks what the other side thinks, however, posts like this continue to divide us. So we never read about posts that say, Hey, I agree with you, let’s meet for coffee!

So, I took a chance and responded with this:
My walking buddy who is a different party than I am and I walk every morning and we talk. An amazing gift talking (and listening). No one blaring one’s ideas over the other, or thinking how he should respond beforehand….That’s pretty disgusting actually. Why were we given ears anyway? And when did debate become a runaway train?

Know what my friend and I discovered? We agree more than we disagree, and we’ve decided to run for co-president in 2016 (Why not? Everybody else has?) (And, oh by the way, we’ll have to do this part time because she’s a chef and I’m a writer, and we don’t want to give up our day jobs.)

But my “this and that” comment stems that we don’t listen anymore, we post divisive messages, which one side likes, the other adds snark or hides that friend; we talk over one another on network TV, and our Congress continues to be at a stalemate and is utterly destroyed if one member veers from its dyed in wool platform.

I told my FB friend about the walks my in-person friend and how we walk and talk about issues, and guess what? We meet in the middle on our ideas. My comment actually got a few likes from both sides of political persuasions.

I’ll continue to read without commenting (much), and post my silly nonpolitical comments on my friend page. I’ll continue to listen. As a former court reporter it’s ingrained in me. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Know what else is a favorite thing to do? To look up from my cell phone, see this big beautiful world we live in, to smile at cute photos, or to admire random acts of kindness. Better yet, to spread them.

Divisive — tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people:

Listen – to pay attention to sound, to hearing something with thoughtful attention, give consideration, to be alert.

My this and that thoughts for today . . . Have a great weekend.