Things I Punch

Throwing punches. Do punch cards count (Buy 10 get 1 free)? If so I’ve got my Lucky Perk (local coffee shop), Blimpies , and Great Harvest Bread. I have an Edwards Movie Membership and get free movies and popcorn fairly regularly especially during the summer blockbuster season, if that even counts as a card punching.

The other kind of punching? Nope, I’ve never gotten into a physical fight. Now, my younger sister will happily recount the time I shoved her into a dresser. Discounting sibling scuffles, I’ve never been punched, or smacked or done those things to others. Fight scenes are not something I write instinctively. Yet, most of my stories have fight scenes and romances that include fighting and fighters are popular.

How popular? Take a look at this GoodReads The Ultimate List of Fighter Romance and this list on IMDB (Romantic Action Movies) 

There is no denying that, in books (and movies), smexy times after your man has kicked ass is hot, especially if he fought to defend your honor or save you. *fans self*

But is it realistic? I’ve seen fights. I once sat huddled in the back seat of the family car while my dad, the off duty cop, defended himself against an attacker. My dad called for backup and when the punk ran out the back door, they nabbed him. Which was cool but not romantic. MMA fighters have great bodies but they work up a serious sweat in the ring. Sexy? Mhn, maybe once you both hit the shower.


I’m 100% in support of reading about girls who can kick ass. Definitely my kind of fun.

Holy Smokes!

In my latest novel Marriage Most Convenient, Luke starts the book out with a bloody nose and black eye. He got elbowed during a rugby game. Check out the excerpt here.


What about you? Got a personal story of a fight you got into? Guys ever fistfight over you? Or, if you have a favorite book where fighting lead to romance, share!