They’re back!

Today is the last day of school. In a matter of hours, I will have three sons ranging from 9 to 17 hovering around me.

For weeks. And weeks.

I love them. I do. And I love public school. I love the teachers who take them away from me for hours on end most days of the week. I’m going to miss those women and men.

But never fear! I’ve already plotted and schemed to get some hours back. The eldest is doing an internship–full-time! 40 hours per week!–all summer long. The middle son has church camp, “brain camp” and an honors trip to San Diego, so he will be traveling for many of those weeks. And the youngest? In the manner of so many 3rd children, he’s always been extremely good at entertaining himself all by his too-young-to-be-interesting-to-his-older-siblings lonesome.

Stay tuned next month for my “summer-is-too-short- I-never-see-my-kids-we-are-over-scheduled-Americans-and-where-has-childhood-gone?” post.