These Peeves are No Pets

Cat on blanket

BG peeves me, usually scratching on the door at 1:00 a.m.

I have a lot of pet peeves.

Everyone has peeves, I know that. And some people go beyond peeved and are just annoyed by everything. I’m starting to feel like I’m approaching that. I’m trying not to. But I can’t help it! People are ANNOYING.

My most recent peeve is something that’s always been there, but only recently crossed the line. You know how a lot of people bounce their knee or shake their foot mindlessly? I’ve been landing my hand on my husband’s leg on a daily basis since we met. But it used to be only when we were on the same piece of furniture, or if he was making the floor bounce. Or the car while I was driving.

I realized, watching the NFL playoffs, that it’s no longer a physical thing. I can’t stand to SEE that wiggling foot, even when it’s not touching me or moving me and is in fact several feet away.

We went to Harrisburg Heat soccer games a few times this winter. They have fairly nice seating in the Equine Arena at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, where the team plays. Plastic fold-down chairs, individual, so you’re not crammed onto the same metal bench. But guess what? Those are still bolted together. Some kid six seats away and behind us, kicking the back of the chair in front of him? OMGmakehimstop. His parents tried. Every time I twisted to look, they stopped him. But it still was thunkthunkthunk against the row, all night long. Another night, some chick kept rubbing the sole of her boot on the chair in front of her. I was going to go say something, but her friend screeched at her phone and slammed it on the seat a few times, waved her hands in the air, and muttered to herself, so I decided I just had to suck it up.

Other peeves include:

1. People who walk or drive too slow, especially when they meander and block anyone who wants to pass.

2. Generalizations, especially those with gender bias.

3. People who yell at me for saying happy holidays. I’ll say happy holidays if I freaking want to say happy holidays!

What are your pet peeves?