The Wonderful World of What If?

Kim Sanders has been our guest at Everybody Needs a Little Romance before. We’re delighted to have her back to blog with us and talk about her new release, The Ex Lottery fits perfectly with ENALR. See if you don’t agree. Take it away, Kim! ~ Donnell

TheExLotteryCoverPress2Hi, everyone! I’m here today to talk about where I got the idea for my latest novel The Ex Lottery.

The quick answer—the idea just popped into my head while staring at a lottery ticket shortly after a conversation I had with my broken-hearted daughter. What? Doesn’t everyone’s imagination take a word, a thought, or an image and spin it into an entire happily-ever-after fairy tale? Well, that’s the way my brain works, and my imaginary world is a whole lot of fun.

A few years ago, my beautiful daughter sat in my home and said authorportrait2bshe was giving up on love. “Blasphemy!” cried my romance writer’s soul. But the mom in me understood. Apparently, there are a lot of toads in the world, and she had kissed her last one. Who needs a man when you have the perfect dog, she stated. She declared she was going back for yet another graduate school degree, switching from art to business, so she could earn enough money on her own to buy a home and travel the world. She was excited.

The next morning, I sat in my writer’s office—the lounge chair on my front porch—and picked up a reference book. A lottery ticket stuck out of the book. Since I only buy losing lottery tickets, I use them as bookmarks so my dollars won’t be wasted and could be tax deductible.

Studying the six numbers, I thought, what if a woman used the dates her ex-boyfriends dumped her and bought a lottery ticket—and won. What would she do with the millions? My daughter had mentioned buying her own house. Why stop at a house? Why not a castle? In Ireland, of course. She’d be single and surrounded by men with Irish accents. And thus a story was born.

IMG_1529And my daughter. Since she sparked the idea for my storyline, she clearly deserved her own happily-ever-after. As the blog says, Everybody Needs A Little Romance. Since our novel-provoking conversation several years ago, my daughter has purchased her own home, earned an MBA, traveled to 12 countries in one year, and started a grand career—and a few weeks ago, she married a man who is just as wonderful and amazing as my daughter. How do I know he is just amazing? Well, that’s another story.

About the Author

Kim Sanders is the best-selling author of the romantic suspense Shades of Gray and the award-winning contemporary romance The Ex Lottery. Prior to become a romance writer, Sanders worked as a photojournalist and an attorney. In journalism and law, writing happy endings was welcome, but rare. Today, Sanders loves creating fantasy worlds where a happily-ever-after is practically guaranteed. So rain or shine, Sanders is often seen sitting on her porch smiling as she writes the ending of her latest novel.

Book Blurb

The Ex Lottery by Kim Sanders
A Contemporary Romance Set In Ireland

A lonely art teacher wins the lottery and flies to Ireland to buy a castle in the latest contemporary novel The Ex Lottery by Kim Sanders. All her life, Tory Adams has dreamed of having a home and family of her own. Instead, every man she loves breaks her heart. On a whim, Tory buys a lottery ticket using the dates her three ex-boyfriends dumped her—and wins—wins over $600 million dollars. With her newfound fortune, Tory travels to Ireland to buy the castle where her grandparents met and begins a journey of excitement and fun as men chase her across this beautiful land. Now she must decide, do the men love her or are they simply romancing the numbers?
Reviews and Awards
“A light, uplifting romance that’s equal parts comedy, fairy tale and travelogue.” —Kirkus Reviews, “The Ex Lottery” by Kim Sanders
“The Ex Lottery” by Kim Sanders —First Place in Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit Writers, Get Your Stiletto in the Door

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