The Winter Drought

A big author event in a greenhouse to make winter more endurable? Yes, please!

A big author event in a greenhouse to make winter more endurable? Yes, please!

So, this is my least favorite time of year.

Winter lingers. Cold, ugly snow, school delays, bulky jackets. So over all of it, but no sign of it disappearing.

But the drought actually has nothing to do with the weather. This is the time of year that movies and TV and even books taunt my leisure time.

Books are always there, of course, and I do a lot more reading for the weeks from mid-February to mid-March. But check my Wish List—there are a ton of new releases I can’t WAIT for…all in Ma7. :/

Movie studios assume (probably rightfully so) that people don’t want to struggle against the cold and bulky jackets to go to the movies, so they only offer us the sucky ones. Nothing on the calendar in the immediate future excites me. (Of course, there are exceptions. I really liked The DUFF, because even though there was nothing surprising or original in it, Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman are wonderful. PLUS, she didn’t really change. #win)

TV shows go on hiatus. AGAIN. In the fall, we get like 11 weeks in a row for most shows without any reruns. Then we hit the holidays and a big hiatus for everything. When they come back, they seem to alternate which shows are on for two episodes and which are off. So there’s usually something always available. But NOW, they all go off the air again.

Luckily, the show I’m most excited about looks like it’s going to do its full run all at once (thank you, cable!). I hope that’s accurate, because it will kill me to have a week with no Twelve Monkeys.

I never saw the movie, and I was a bit reluctant to watch the show, because the movie had some story threads I don’t like to watch. But it has Aaron Stanford from Nikita, so we watched. And it’s awesome! I love the main actress, too (Amanda Schull) and the chemistry between them and between Aaron and Kirk Acevedo (Fringe) is fantastic. The tension level is what really drives the show, though. It’s not always high action, but even in quiet moments, you’re waiting for something to happen. It’s on tonight. Yay!

What keeps you going through the drought?