The Whole “Age is Just a Number” Thing

IMG_20141223_163758467I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! (Or Hanukkah or whatever December means for you 🙂 ). The image to the left is the only one I got of our lovely Christmas tree this year. Which is a bummer, since halfway through opening presents yesterday, the tree fell over. We couldn’t get it to stay upright again so it got de-decorated and dragged outside. Extra bummer because it was only decorated for a week, since we waited for Number One to come home before we did it.

So three days ago I turned 44. And it was a big relief, let me tell you. Way back in January I kept trying to tell people I was 44, because I hated the number 43. No reason. I just like even numbers better, apparently. A couple of years ago, the local paper did a big article on local authors and did the whole “Natalie J. Damschroder, 41, feels…” bit. I have never had a problem with my age, but seeing that 41 in print was painful. Now, if they did it this month and it was 44? No problem!

But even though I prefer even numbers when it comes to age, certain odd ones don’t bother me at all. I love 23, for example. I was born on the 23rd, so that’s probably part of it. So was Number Two (in a different month), and my husband has 2 and 3 in his birthdate, too. Doesn’t help me when I play the lottery, though—once every 15 years or so.

So back to being 44. It’s my last year in my current bracket in most surveys. You know, when they do the demographic section and it’s typically “35-44”? Next year I’ll be out of the coveted demo, which is just stupid. I’ll still be watching the same TV shows and buying the same products. I don’t know why advertisers like that range the best. 50s is where all the disposable income is. Kids are out of college and on their own so they’re not draining you dry. You can actually consider taking trips and remodeling and buying fancier cars and kitchenware. But that’s not how they look at it, and as ridiculous as it is, I’ll be sad to be unimportant. (Not that they care what I think now, really…)

So how about you? Any number affinity? What’s been your best age? Do you like the number you’re at now? Which number are you looking forward to?