The Twelve Days of Christmas

Ah, yes. I know the turkey is awaiting the depths of the oven….or in our case the deep fryer. Hey, I’m Southern and half-redneck. We fry our turkeys. And here I am talking about Christmas. I get it. Very few of us are prepared for Back Friday, wrapping back (mine always kills me!) and baking Christmas treats we’ll be joining Weight Watchers to battle against a month hence. Hmm…now I’m kinda depressed thinking about the holidays arriving.


This year I’m excited because I have a Christmas book. Not just a book that comes out at Christmas, but a true, good old-fashioned book revolving around the holiday. So it’s got me in the spirit for all things holly and jolly. In fact it’s called The Spirit of Christmas.

So when I thought about doing promo for a book I was so excited about, my cheerful Yuletide spirit came to a screeching halt.

You see, I HATE doing promo. Like hate it with a purple passion.

I flipped through the various things I could do in my mind. Blog tour? No energy for that. Bookmarks? Cute but everyone tosses them. Postcards? Uh, well, no mailing list to speak of. Ad on Facebook? Feels obnoxious (no offense to those who’ve done it, but it ain’t my bag). So….what would I do?

And then it hit me.


Okay, well, not nothing, but something different. Something that makes me happy. Thus The Twelve Days of Christmas Angels was born. I thought a lot about the premise of my Christmas book. It’s about a do-gooder (Mary Paige Gentry) who is awarded 2 million dollars just for helping a bum outside a Stop-n-Go in New Orleans. The bum turns out to be an eccentric billionaire who wants Mary Paige to be the Spirit of Christmas for his chain of department stores. In essence, he wants to bring the real meaning of brotherly love back to a holiday that feels too much about the all mighty buck. He hires elves to reward people for doing good deeds and hands his Scrooge-ish grandson over to Mary Paige for a wake up call. Cool, huh? So I wondered why I couldn’t do the same thing – reward people for being “angels.” Since my good friend Hope Ramsay and I had bemoaned promo together back at RWA Nationals, I invited her to join me. She writes small town contemporaries and has an angel in her books, and she has a Christmas book out, too. Perfect! Once I talked Hope into doing the project with me, things snowballed in a good wary – we have special guest bloggers, surprise rewards for people caught doing good and a grand prize of a $100.00 for a reader nominated angel. And here’s the deal – it’s not about my book. It’s about the spirit of my book.

Will I sell more books by doing this? Probably not. But I don’t care because this is un-promo. This is about spreading holiday cheer and remembering what is truly important – the love we share with our fellow man (and woman and children and animals and, heck, the whole world). So, no. It’s not about selling books. And I like that.

Since I won’t be back blogging until after the two week project is over, here is the schedule of bloggers and the link to the temporary angel website:

12/26 – Liz Talley and Hope Ramsay

Nov. 26th – Liz Talley and Hope Ramsay

Nov. 27th – Donna Alward

Nov. 28t – Katie Lane

Nov. 29th – Laurie Kellogg

Nov. 30th – Autumn Jordon

Dec. 1&2nd – Lori Wilde

Dec. 3rd – Grace Burrows

Dec. 4th – Raeanne Thayne

Dec. 5th – Christi Barth

Dec. 6th – Molly O’Keefe

Dec. 7th – Robin Perini

Dec. 10th – Liz Talley and Hope Ramsay – announcement of Angel winner

Angel website:

So stop by, spread the word or prepare to nominate a special angel in your life. I’m excited about doing something different instead of promo, and I hope you’ll join us 🙂

Now, go eat Turkey, celebrate a day of gratitude with those you love….and then get ready for the holidays! It’s going to be fun!!!