The TV & I

TV and I have an uneasy relationship. It’s September and the new season will be starting, but still I can’t help but be wary. Like Charlie Brown eying the football Lucy has teed up for him, I can’t help but worry that I’ll end up making a fool of myself again.

I’ve fallen in love with many shows in the course of my lifetime. When I was young, I wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels or work on The Love Boat. As a teenager, I enjoyed watching smart, sexy Cybil Shepard tie Bruce Willis’ David Addison up in knots on Moonlighting. In my twenties I unleashed my inner Poli Sci geek in The West Wing and matched wits with the Crane brothers from Frasier.

But in my thirties I fell head over heels in love.

The Gilmore Girls was a moderately successful show on a tiny network, and some of the most clever writing I’ve ever encountered. It was also the first television show to break my heart. I was so disappointed and disillusioned by the direction the show took in its final season that I refused to give any show that power over me again.

I ignored the launch of each new television series and plugged my ears when others sang the praises of this show or that one. I had a brief rebound fling with Jim and Pam from The Office, but once I saw them happily married I backed off.

For four long years I refused to give in to the siren song of the new series…until I met Rick. Castle. The ruggedly handsome author-turned-police investigator wooed me out of my self-imposed television-love exile.

But as happy as I am with the direction the writers have taken the show, I’m still wary. Castle is my only must-see TV. What are you watching? Have you ever fallen hopelessly in love with a television show?