The Trials of Success and the Joy of New Releases

harteandsoulfinalAfter a really, really long (honestly, WAY too long!) wait, the third book in my Soul Series is finally here!

Why was it so long?

Well. A couple of years ago, I decided to take a dive into the self-publishing thing and give the first book of my heart a chance. I published Soul of the Dragon (which is now free, by the way) at the end of 2012. A few months later, I published the second book, Soulflight. And I started working on Harte and Soul, which had about 100 pages written.

A hundred REALLY AWFUL pages. So I was going to be starting over and tearing that down to the bones. In the meantime, due to some massive (really great) changes at my publisher, the timelines for publication of the rest of my Goddesses Rising series got moved around and compressed. I spent the rest of 2013 in a desperate race to get those two books completed.

And in the midst of that, I signed a two-book contract for what ended up being A Kiss of Revenge and Hearts Under Siege.  So in 2013 I did revisions on four books and celebrated releases for all four. It was amazing and awesome and wonderful and who the heck would ever complain about that? Not me. But there were wonderful readers who kept asking me when the heck Harte and Soul was going to come out! And they’re more important than anyone, right?

But I had no time for Harte and Soul. Poor Peter and Brook. Sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, with no idea who’d blown up the playground Peter’d built for a women’s-and-children’s shelter.

Then my oldest started college, and the need for more income coincided with an opportunity to increase my freelance editing work, which was also great but made it very difficult to spend time on uncontracted manuscripts. But I did it! And my critique partners lovingly refused to tell me it was great as is and found a big ugly hole I had to patch up. Which I did. And now, finally, the book is here!

So what the heck is it about? Well, if you read Soul of the Dragon (and if you didn’t, remember, you can get it free!), you might remember Peter, the heroine’s younger brother who was engaged to the bad guy’s younger sister, who turned out to be a bit of a psycho (in the colloquial sense of the word). Well, Peter’s all grown up now—for real—and he’s a widower with a three-year-old daughter who can talk to animals. Not such a big deal when she has an uncle who used to be a dragon and an aunt who’s a mage and a cousin who can fly, right? But someone is clearly trying to harass Peter, or worse. It’s probably the psycho, and if she thinks Kiena’s ability is a better avenue to hurting Peter than breaking some play equipment, the child could be in real danger.

That’s where Brook comes in. She works for the Agency for the Registration and Protection of Extraordinary People. At first her job seems simple, but as the attacks escalate and secrets are uncovered and Kiena’s abilities turn out to be WAY more than anyone knew…everyone is in immediate danger. And so are their hearts, because who could be in such proximity and not fall in love? Well, Peter and Brook fight against it pretty hard. They have their reasons.

TTStPatCoverI also got to be part of a new collection of micro-romances. These Tiny Treats revolve around St. Patrick’s Day. More than 20 bite-size stories to fill up those small, boring spaces in your day. 🙂

This collection is also completely FREE! So check it out!

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