The first book I remember being totally blown away by was The Sword n the Stone.  I was in the fourth grade.  That story started a love affair  betweeen me and King Arthur that continues to this day.  So, when my husband and I vacationed in England several years ago, it was a given that the trip would be about visiting sites associated with The Bear of Britain.  My husband Dick was a good sport, following me literally off the beaten trail as we crossed sheep pastures and waded meandering streams.  The trip was more than fun … and I’m not sure that either of us ever dreamed of its far-reaching consequences.

It was that trip that started me down my official road to publication.

By the time we returned home, I had a story about King Arthur rattling around in my brain.  When I announced I was going to write a book, Dick smiled and said something to effect of, “That’s nice.”  But write I did–sequestering myself for the entire summer in the corner of the bedroom in front of the HP computer.  I came away with a manuscript–rough and flawed, but written from the heart and infused with my passion for the subject.

Since that time, the story and I have been through a lot.  Too many revisions to count.  Enough rejections to wallpaper a room.  Acceptance from a publisher who filed for bankruptcy before my dream of publication came to fruition. But finally,  publication by Lyrical Press–though only in ebook format.

My contract with Lyrical recently ran out, and once again The Timestone Key and I were on our own.  But this time, a whole world of new resources was available to me.  So it’s with great pleasure that I present the book of my heart in its second edition, available in print and Kindle format at ( ) and most other ebook formats at ( )

I love knowing that my book-child will be around for a long time–that I’ve created something my grandchildren can hold in their hands and maybe will someday show to their children.

And perhaps that’s what this journey has been about for me all along.  Being remembered–certainly not in legend form like King Arthur, but just as a regular person who found a passion for something and allowed that passion to lead her in a surprising direction.

So how about you?  What passion has led you in a surprising direction?