The Search for The Perfect Cup of Coffee

My love affair with coffee goes WAAAYY back to my childhood. My maternal grandparents had a 20 acre farm. Grandpa would get up early (seemed like the middle of the night but was probably about 5:30 or 6:00.) Grandma would cook breakfast for him and send him out to work. Staying with my grandparents was one of the highlights of my youth. My sister and I would beg to spend the night with them on Saturday nights. (That had the added benefit of skipping church on Sunday morning!)

When I would stay over, I would get up for breakfast. (Of course I went back to bed when Grandpa when out to work in the gardens!) Grandma always had coffee, and not that sissy drip stuff we drink today. No sir. It was boiled on the stove with an old fashion percolator. For you youngsters, it looked something like this…

And let me assure you, coffee like this grows some serious hair on your chest! (Figure of speech.. Not literal hair!) I had my coffee with lots of sugar and milk. Yummy. And very very hot. Grandpa was always in a hurry to get to work and didn’t want to wait for the coffee to cool. So he would pour small amounts into his saucer and sip from there (as it would cool much faster.) Needless to say, that’s how I drank it too. I had no idea that EVERYBODY didn’t do it the same way!

Fast forward to now…Hubby and I are still coffee drinkers. I’ve tried lots of different store brands. I’ve had special coffee shipped direct from the plantation in Costia Rica (Cafe Britt). I’ve order special restaruant brand coffee directly from the manufacturer. I’ve actually bought $60/pound coffee beans and ground them myself. Boutique coffees. Yep, tried those. Starbucks. Seattle’s Best. Maxwell House. We recently had some friends bring us back Kona coffee from Hawaii. We’re tried lots of brands, different countries of origin, strengths, etc. I can tell you I don’t like chickory coffee.

Now, guess what brand we just love..the one we can’t find another to replace it…. Ready?

So are you a coffee aficionado? Or will just any brand do?