The Return of Connor Mansfield- cover reveal!

I got my new cover for The Return of Connor Mansfield back in October and I’ve been saving it for a big


cover reveal today. So without further delay…ta da!

The Return of Connor Mansfield, a January 2014 release, kicks off my new series about the three Mansfield brothers of Lagniappe, Louisiana. Connor, the middle brother, testified against a crime boss and helped land the man in prison. For that testimony, he earned the wrath of the crime boss’s family and a contract on his head. To save his own life and to protect the people he loved, Connor goes into the Witness Security program, allowing the U.S. Marshals to fake his death. Years later, working for an insurance company in his new life, Connor comes across a health insurance claim for a child in Louisiana who is being treated for leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Researching further, he realizes the child’s mother is his former fiancee, Darby Kent. Doing the math, he realizes the little girl is his daughter, and he may be the only person whose marrow can save his daughter’s life.

Risking discovery by the crime family, Connor returns to Lagniappe in order to donate his marrow to his daughter. Darby is stunned to learn Connor is alive and must sort through a tangle of emotions from anger and betrayal to joy and hope. Connor abandoned her once, so how can she trust him with her heart again?

When word of his return from the dead leaks out, Connor and Darby join forces to not only save their daughter, but to protect their family and the promise of a future together from the men who want to destroy them.

I’ve called this book “The book from hell” because it proved an especially difficult one to write. But the extra effort and rewriting ultimately paid off, and I believe The Return Of Connor Mansfield is one of my most heart-wrenching books to date. A sick child, lost love, death threats and betrayal…whew! No wonder it was a difficult book to write! Connor’s book is available for pre-sale here and here and wherever Harlequin Romantic Suspense is sold.
I hope you enjoy it, and watch for Hunter’s book to come out in June 2014!