The Reigning Men Series

The fabulous and funny Jenny Gardiner is our guest today. She’s thanking me, when I should be thanking her. My deadline is coming fast and furious, so take it away, Jenny!

Thanks, Donnell, for letting me guest on your blog today! I have to confess I was going to write a fun piece tying in my new book series (called It’s Reigning Men and the release of the first of the series, Something in the Heir). I love a good royal story and wanted to write a sort of Princess Diaries-type series for grown-ups. I have a little fun fact: I was hired by the British Embassy to be the official photographer for Prince Charles years ago when he was visiting Washington, DC. This was back when Charles and Diana were married and before we all knew that Charles wanted to be Camilla’s tampon, and other unsavory bits. Since then I’ve been pretty caught up with the whole royal “thing”. I mean who isn’t intrigued by the idea of someday, that prince coming?!

MedSomethingInTheHeirBut…time caught up with me with my plans for writing that royal blog – I was working on deadline to finish the next book in the series (Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow), and I was out of town, so didn’t get around to writing it on time. Instead below you’ll find a little funny take on contemporary dating and how it affected our lives recently…

A while back, my son lost his phone. Which is not such an unusual thing; people lose phones all the time. But one minute he had it at work, the next, it seemingly evaporated.

Now, normally, we’d have left it at that and not bothered to intervene in attempts to unearth the missing device — Kyle’s a grown man, he could figure it out himself. But soon after the thing went AWOL, we realized this meant we were incommunicado with our son at a time in which we needed to figure out complicated scheduling details. With three kids returning from school and moving out of dorms and apartments, we had a lot of logistics to map out in a short period of time. Which meant many calls and texts between all kids to reach consensus. Orchestrating five people to settle on mutually agreed-upon dates is hard enough without one basically being cut out of all means of communications.

Worse still, the battery hadn’t been holding a charge on the phone, so its findability was dwindling with the passing hours. Oh, and that Find My iPhone app, designed to, uh, find your iPhone when it disappears? He hadn’t remembered to download it. Oops.

About a day or so after its mysterious disappearance, one of Kyle’s friends came up with the clever idea to try to see if “he” showed up on the Tinder app. [Tinder, for the uninitiated, is a widely-used dating app that uses Facebook profiles to match compatible participants based on geographic location, mutual friends and shared interests. The app allows users to anonymously “like” or skip others, and if two users “like” each other, Tinder introduces enables to “chat”.]MedHeirTodayGoneTomorrow

So his friend decided to check Tinder to see if my son’s phone was beaming out its location, and sure enough, it emitted weak signals indicating it was within two miles of where they were.
The problem was Kyle was in the midst of finals, with no time to embark on a wild goose chase hunting this thing down.

But then I had what seemed like a brilliant idea: if indeed the phone was within two miles, that meant it was likely somewhere still at work, downtown. Which meant if someone closer to downtown logged onto Tinder and tried to locate my son’s profile, it might confirm the phone’s general location, greatly narrowing down the hunt. A no-brainer, if you ask me. And as the life-span of the dying battery was withering away, I knew we had to act fast.

So I called my husband, who was downtown.
“You’ve got to join Tinder, fast!” I urged him. And yeah, he had no idea what it was either, so I gave him a two-minute primer and pressed him to download the app and get to work.

Jenny Gardiner is still laughing about her second-hand Tinder encounter. You can find her at