The Real New Year

Friday was January 1st, but that was Friday and a holiday. As I sit here at 4:30 am with water bottle in hand, the horse’s feed and hay have already been dumped and my sleepy eyes are reminding me that although it’s January 3rd, this is the real New Year.

When the New Year happens on a weekend, unless you work weekends it’s relatively easily to get up the next day and start on your resolutions.. The real test however, is that first day you get back to the normal daily grind. That’s when you’d rather sleep in just a few more minutes instead of doing that thing you said you were going to do.

Although I haven’t made what I would call hard-core New Year’s resolutions, I would like to write more, ride more, and work out more. Those three things are pretty much expected, and “more” is somewhat vague. So, I don’t really classify those desires as a resolution. I guess it’s the “low expectations” approach.

I would like to finish my current romance in progress, The Searching Place. My original goal was to finish by December and start re-writes by the first of the year. That didn’t happen – I’m a little over halfway mark. Although it originally started as a twenty-thousand word novella, it’s quickly turning into a full fledge novel. Maybe I’ll be done by summer?

The other pie in the sky writing project is a suspense short story series that I plan to self-publish. While I do have the first story outlined and characters ironed out, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’ll probably shoot for a fall time line on that one.

I do have a new children’s book coming out early summer with Dingbat Publishing. Francine The Workin’ Stock Cowgirl is a picture book story about a cowgirl and her horse that don’t fit the mold for barrel racing. I’m sure the promotion for that will keep me pretty busy throughout the later half of the year.

In regards to riding, this past year I took on two new horses to re-train and re-sale so I know I’ll be under the gun to get a lot of riding in, not to mention hauling and seasoning. One of those is a retired thoroughbred, Dynamic Host. The good thing is that having such a large, hot thoroughbred to ride English is incentive enough to work out! It takes a lot of core strength and strength in general to handle a horse like that and not get hurt!

Over the weekend, I got a lot of writing in and worked horses. Doing so required very little motivation or discipline. Now it’s early on Monday morning, too early in fact, and I’m having to push myself to get up early when all I really want to do is stay in bed another hour or so. This is when the rubber meets the road for New Years!

Do you have any New Years resolutions? Have they been hard to stick with now that the weekend is over?