THE PERFECT MATCH by Kristan Higgins

the-perfect-match-kristan-higgins   Fans of Kristan Higgins met the Hollands, owners of Blue Heron Winery, in her February 2013 release, THE BEST MAN. Book 2 of the Blue Heron series, THE PERFECT MATCH, focuses on Honor Holland, the uptight, highly organized middle sister of the up-state New York wine family, who is reminded on her thirty-fifth birthday that her child-bearing years are quickly dwindling.
British charmer Tom Barlow, an engineering professor at a small community college near the Blue Heron Winery, wants nothing more than to be a father figure to the son of his late fiancee, a boy who is struggling with loss and the growing pains of adolescence. But Tom’s work visa is expiring, and in order to stay in New York, close to his “almost stepson,” Tom needs a green card.
Feeling the pressure to get married and start a family, Honor agrees to a blind date with Tom, set up by her grandmother. While the first date goes awry, Tom gets a second chance to impress Honor when he saves her from a gut-wrenching and awkward situation with an ex. Their impromptu second date goes far better than the first and is capped off by a night of incredible sex. Their new-found rapport leads Honor to propose a marriage-of-convenience. Once married, Tom will get his green card, and Honor, she hopes privately, will win Tom’s heart and finally have the loving relationship and prospect of children she longs for.
Tom agrees to the plan and Honor moves in with Tom, playing the part of the smitten fiancee and trying to convince not only her family but the US government that theirs is a love match. While Tom tries desperately to win the trust and affection of his almost stepson, Honor puts everything on the line, trying to bust down the walls between her and her sexy but emotionally unavailable husband-to-be.
THE PERFECT MATCH is the perfect blend of trademark Higgins humor, quirky characters, an adorable doggie, and heart-wrenching emotion. I’ve been a fan of Kristan Higgins since I first discovered her books a few years ago. While THE PERFECT MATCH wasn’t my favorite of Higgins books, largely because of a cliched plot device toward the end of the story I won’t share here because of spoilers, the story as a whole still shines. Tom’s battle between his obvious passion for Honor and his fear of loss is wonderfully heartbreaking and plays a emotionally dramatic counterpoint to Honor’s quiet yearning for unconditional love. The secondary characters that populate Honor’s family and hometown add color and comedy to the story in typical Higgins fashion.
So pour a glass of your favorite wine and prepare yourself for an entertaining read. THE PERFECT MATCH is another gem from a talented author.
Oh, and I think I’m required to tell you I received a complimentary advance copy of the book for the purpose of this review. However, I still purchased a copy for my personal collection, partly because Kristan Higgins is donating part of her first week’s sales to the Fischer House Foundation, and partly because I love to share good books with my friends!

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