The PBR Comes to Anaheim!

by Laura Drake

The Sweet Spot ARC 040

This is always an exciting time for me, since the venue is less than ten miles from my house.  Even more so this year, because my debut bull riding book will be out in May! I had to share some photos.

The Sweet Spot ARC 100

Love the color and action in this one.


We had tickets for all three nights, and I got to see a bunch of my Twitter bull riding buds. Who says social media doesn’t work? ‘The Tweet hearts’  are a dedicated group of bull riding fans, and we try to meet up at any events we can get to, and have a Tweet heart lunch in Vegas at the PBR Finals in October.



The Sweet Spot ARC 088








Sunday, my crit partner and good friend, Fae Rowen came along. After reading my books, she was curious about this sport. We had great seats — a bull just about came through the fence in front of us, we got dirt in our laps from one that bucked right by, and Fae brought her awesome camera for some great action shots!

The Sweet Spot ARC 109

Great seats, huh?









But the highlight, for me, was working with Jory Markiss, the #10 rider in the world, on a project for the book. Can’t give details yet, but how cool is this photo?

Jory and Book

Having a bull rider want to read your debut book? PRICELESS!