The Oldest Lesson Unlearned

By Laura Drake

Everyone has one. That issue you come in with, then spend most of your life bumping up against, but never seem to learn. Mine is Patience.

I was born early; apparently I didn’t want to wait. I was the kid at the front of the classroom, hand waving in the teacher’s face. “Pick me! Pick me!”  I was the first in line – always. I didn’t want to wait for the good stuff . . . I wanted it NOW!  It’s like I have this thrumming wire inside, and a little voice saying, “Hurry, hurry, you’re missing the good stuff!”

I would have flitted from one goal to the next, abandoning them when they took too long – except I was also ‘blessed’ with another trait. Stubbornness.

Well, as it usually works, when you have something to learn, the Universe throws boulders in your way to give you opportunities to learn it. Ha! They wouldn’t stop me – I was Superwoman! I jumped over them, or dug under them, working harder and harder until I found a way around that boulder. Then I’d run down the road as fast as I could.

It was a brilliant solution; it worked for decades. But then, just when the biggest boulder rolled into my path, my traitorous body failed me.

I’ve had two foot surgeries this year, and have been off my feet for most of it. I’ve found that with hard work and no fear, you can do almost anything on one leg. I’ve pushed the limits, griping and grousing the whole time. “I don’t have time for this!”


Okay, it wasn’t THIS bad, but…

Then the Universe rolled its last boulder. The move to Texas.  Our house went up for sale yesterday. I had a week to get ready for an Open House, and an Alpha Dog who refused to understand why all the decluttering was necessary. After all, they weren’t buying the flotsam of our lives that was strewn throughout the house– they were buying the house!  He was horrified. “You’re going to bake cookies so it smells good when people come? And you think that’s going to sell the house?” Yeah, that’s where we started from.

No worries – I’ll just dig down and do it myself. But this time, my Superwoman cape failed me. You know you can’t carry anything in your hands on crutches, right? I had no choice but to admit defeat; there was no way around this boulder.  All I could do was sit back and watch as Armageddon approached.

Kitchen 2

Can you smell the cookies?

Thanks to a realtor with amazing people skills and a strong back, he and Alpha Dog whipped this place into shape. The closets are stuffed full of our flotsam – the last of it that wouldn’t fit is in the oven.  Luckily, I have two ovens, so I have one to bake the cookies. Our house looks so good in the photos that I want to buy it!

Maybe there’s something to this patience thing, after all.

Wish us luck this weekend – may the force be with us. And the patience.